I am a young man that believes that shoes and clothes doesn’t have gender and that loves  to wear ballet flats  and sandals as his every day shoes. I love to dress in a nice and comfortable way so flats have become a great addition to my wardrobe. This citation from my good friend and blogger Katie Mc Murray who writes great and interesting  blogs at wizzley describes perfectly my own point of view about fashion:

“I must say I am a firm believer that we should dress for ourselves, how we like, what looks good and MOST importantly what makes us feel good. There is always going to be negative people IT is OUR Task to IGNORE negative people. Other peoples opinions of us DO NOT MATTER, It is what is within us that matters, being true to that, a good friend to yourself! I live by this one simple mantra – LET EVERYTHING OUT – not go, no no not go OUT, all that is within me is creative and unique, sometimes negative energy gets packed on by the world and yes that needs to be cleansed on the regular BUT letting out what is within you makes it possible for you to live your authentic and meaningful life. It is only when you hear your silence that you find your answers.”

K.L. McMurray

I hope you enjoy my blog !




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  1. Hello Evan,

    I am really enjoying your blog!! Quick question if you do not mind me asking. I am travelling to Europe in August and I am in need of comfortable flats/shoes for walking. I do not want to spend too much, but also do not want foot or hip issues. Thank you in advanace!!

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    • Hi GK,

      I am so sorry I didn’t write you back ! I f you don’t want to spend a lot of money and being comfortable, Puma zandy flats, Crocs kadee flats and Me Too flats are really affordable and comfty options. I apologize for my late answer and hope the info helps you in the future. Cheers. Ivan


    • Hi Nikki,

      I am testing 2 pairs of Tieks, that have been previously worn by a friend who wear same shoe size as I. I plan to write my review about this brand in the next few week so stay tuned ! Have a nice day !


    • Hi Pink panther,

      Thanks for your interest in my blog. For the moment I am testing the pre-owned pairs of Tieks and in this case I can tell you that are really comfty, and recently I got a pair of Tieks in color California blue (love the look and color) and I am wearing them almost everyday. I plan to write down my review in the next months to offer to my readers a more objective point of view of this brand of flats. So stay tuned !


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