Tieks collection update

Hi everybody,


Hope you are fine, I’ve been really busy this time but I want to do a quick update about my Tieks collection, I got them mostly pre loved at a very nice and welcoming Facebook group where now I belong too.

As these Tieks are pre owned they are ready stretch out so I reduce the time of break in. I got some colorful and nice colors such as red, lilac, ballerina pink, chestnut, starstruck and black matte. I saved more less 40 or 50 % of the original cost cause living in Canada the shipping and custom taxes increase the price greatly.

And here you have some pics of my collection:

Ballerina pink


Cardinal Red


Black matte








and starstruck


Along my TB Minnies travel flats, Campers, Sam Edelman’s Felicia, Tieks are also one of my favorite brand of flats. Comfort and look together

Have a nice day !!






16 thoughts on “Tieks collection update

  1. Congratulations on all your new Tieks. That’s fantastic that you are a welcomed member to a Facebook group about Tieks. As we both know there is a cult like following of women (and males) who LOVE Tieks. I know that most people that are obsessed with something are able to look past your gender and share the mutual love for whatever it is you both love. Tieks are no different. Same goes for Tory’s. What is the link to your Facebook group? You are without a doubt one of Tieks best male clients. I hope you contact them and share your passion for their brand. I’m sure they’d love to know there are also males enjoying their super cute and comfy flats

    Your collection of the various colours is amazing. I love how you’ve paired them with pixie type pants that show the entire flat plus a bit of ankle. Very feminine in a unisex way.

    What colour are you craving next?

    Thanks for sharing this post.

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    • Hi Bri,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes I am really happy and surprised how well welcome I am at the Tieks BST group, and also to other blog called Simply Ballet flats (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SimplyBalletFlats/ )in this last group you can post your amazing pics wearing and enjoying your beautiful Tory’s flats.

      You should suscribe to both of them, all the ladies are really amazing and supportive. Tieks has a huge amount of fans , the same apply for Tory’s, and I understand all of them well as you and I are flats fans too, who can’t love beautiful, colorful, comfty and easy to slip on shoes that comes in a wonderful colorway? Tieks CS also likes the fact that I wear their shoes and I won a gift card and a notebook in one of their photo contest yaaayy !! You should get a pair of preloved Tieks pair at the Tieks BST group at Facebook, you can save at least 35 or 40% without the hassle of shipping fees.

      Yes I love 3/4 pants they fit me wonderful while showing some ankle and my flats perfect for Summer , cute and comfty is a style that I like. I also wear my Tieks with boho or harem pants when I want to be very comfortable or with shorts like you. Your outfit is amazing and I love your Tory Minnie Travel flats in that pink blush color, they are really cute 🙂

      I purchased my next pair (also pre owned) in color mustard cause I don’t have too many bright color in flats collection apart from my Minnies and Tieks in red color.

      Thanks for your kind comment, keep in touch and have a nice day


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  2. Wow, I’m so,so jealous of you Ivan. Your Tieks collection is becoming spectacular. In particular, I love the Cardinal Red, Chestnut, Ballerina Pink and Lilac colors. You display them so well. 🙂 I love that Tieks CS sent you a gift card and notebook. You should contact them about doing a review on their web site. I am loving my California Blue Tieks. Recently retired, I get to enjoy wearing them all day long with my Lululemon capris and crop (7/8) pants. I may have to consider purchasing a pair of Tieks for my wife at some point. Please post a picture of you wearing the color mustard.

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    • Like you PinkPanther, I’m also jealous of Ivan’s collection of Tieks. They look fabulous on him just like they do on you. Pairing your California navy with capris and crop pants must look amazing just like Ivan does. It’s a great feminine look for any guy. I’m so glad both of you guys are LOVING your Tieks.

      PinkPanther, I’m very happy I was able to order your California navy Tieks while on vacation in the USA and bring them back to Canada for you. It’s not everyday I get a chance to try on another man’s pair of super cute Tieks ballet flats. Not to feel left out I bought these cute navy Tory flats for myself. and took this picture of them beside your Tieks. 🙂

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    • Hi Pinkpanther, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.Pre owned Tieks are better in many aspects: I save in customs taxes and shipping fees , they are broke in and feel more comfty and also I save money from the original price. Congrats for your retiring, you will enjoy more your Tieks and other comfty flats !! Your wife would be happy to have a pair of Tieks too. I will post for sure a pic when my mustard will arrive. Thanks again and have a nice day !

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  3. Brian, I’m very thankful that you purchased the Tieks for me. More importantly, the time and effort that you and Ivan have invested in your blogs, interviews and pictures to endorse and support men like us to have the confidence to wear ballet flats is truly exceptional. Your honesty and sincerity has allowed you and Ivan to earn the respect of many females (and males) when discussing your knowledge and passion for ballet flats. Ultimately, you have made good, long lasting friendships with many of them. I feel diversity in the workplace has given more men the confidence to show off their feminine side…skinny jeans, capris, cropped pants, bun heads. I would love to see men wearing comfortable ballet flats become more mainstream. That is an awesome picture of my California Navy Tieks and your navy Tory flats. They have made to grown men very, very happy. 🙂

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    • Thanks for your kind words PinkPanther. I’m glad I was able to bring a pair of your dream Tieks back for you. I was even more honoured you wanted me to model them for you and send you pictures of how they looked on me when they were shipped to my house in Arizona. A group of ballet flat wearing guys like Ivan, yourself and me is no different than a group of guys that like cars. We share a passion and it’s great to have friends to share it with. Ivan has talked about several connections he has with females that love what we do, and you have met several of the female friends that support me. It makes us happy, we aren’t hurting anyone so why not wear what you like.

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      • Hi Bri and PinkPanther,

        I am really happy that you help each other to get those beautiful Tieks, and that even that we are a small group of men that we love to wear our flats, we have made good relationships with females flats fans that are supportive, friendly and kind, and we have developed a virtual friendship sharing our passion to wear flats with our everyday outfits, as Brian said before if we don’t hurt ourselves or others just enjoy our flats and have fun, thank you guys for visiting my blog and for your nice comments. Finally as my friend Jenna says: “flats are slippers so everybody can wear flats ”
        Have a nice day

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    • Thank you very much Carmen for visiting my blog, I am happy you liked my outfit, the yellow/white combination is one of my favorites for casual Fridays at the office, this Summer has been rainy so I always carry a my small umbrella and jelly flats just in case, cause I don’t want to damage my leather flats. How is the weather in Ontario? Otherwise I am enjoying the sunny days of Summer and next week I will be in holydays yaaayy !! What about your Summer?

      Hoping you had a great Summer I wish you a wonderful day !



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