Friday’s casual outfit for indoors

Hi everybody,

I hope you are fine. We still have a roll & coaster winter, so I decided to wear indoors this outfit that one lady that I meet at one Tieks BST Facebook group. She really has a good sense of fashion, good taste and know how to balance clothes when wearing flats, after a nice chat and using her ideas and suggestions, I did my best to match a nice long sleeve shirt from Tommy Hilfinger , a capri from Old Navy and my Tieks navy flats, and this is the result that I wore today indoors (of course 😉


Personally I love this combination is dressy but relax and comfty at the same time, I got many compliments at my job and my girl friends loved the outfit. I  also posted at the Tieks FB group and for my surprise many ladies liked it and said that is cool that I have my own fashion and that shoes don’t have gender. What do you think about this outfit?

I will post soon other outfits and reviews of other brands of  flats and winter boots that I am trying and testing right now.

Have a nice weekend !




5 thoughts on “Friday’s casual outfit for indoors

  1. I love the outfit!! 🙂 It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m chillaxing like you…wearing a red shirt with my Lululemon capris and California Navy Tieks.

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    • Hi Pinkpanther,

      You should look awesome in that wonderful outfit, I love my Tieks and recently I got 2 more pairs of pre-owned Tieks in black and chestnut and I wear them with capris and even leggings. They are comfty as slippers and look great with any outfit.

      Have a nice day



    • Thanks Nout for visiting my blog and for your kind comment, I purchased recently 2 other pre owned pairs of Tieks in chestnut and black matte and I find comfty like slippers. I will update soon the post about my Tieks.

      Have a nice day!!



  2. You look really nice. Your style is so classy!!! I love your Tieks flats, but do you have any experience with Yosi Samra flats? They are more affordable and they have a similar look.


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