Some other shoes and look that I should try

Hi everybody,


I hope all my readers had wonderful holydays along your beloved ones. Lately my best girl friend Jenna lent me her riding boots and I found them really comfortable but until know I hesitate to purchase a pair for me because I prefer flats, mules and sandals because despite they are ladies shoes, they are more discreet when wearing them. I dared to wear Jenna’s boots for one week, some people smiled, other opened eyes wide and others , the majority, fortunately, didn’t care. I tried to find an outfit for this boots and the best that I had were a jacket, khakis pants and a nice shirt, this is the outfit:



The brand of the boots is Frye and the style Melissa, you can get them for example at amazon:

The boots are really comfortable and good quality,they seem very durable and sturdy, the leather is really soft.

What do you think about this look on me ? and the same clothes but with my comfty MK Fulton flats:


Also my friend Sandy, suggested to me to wear leggings (not meggins haha) along my flats , well it was a risky move and fortunately I work in a company that has a very open minded dress code policy (just wear dressy, comfortable clothes and footwear and  you are fine) so I wore them 3 times on a week, Melanie and Jenna chose the leggings and pants for me and this are the pics:

These are ladies pants (the front is made of synthetic and look like leather, the back is polyester and spandex I guess) that they found nice on me while wearing them with flats (Vince Camuto Ria ballerinas, I will do a review of these cute comfty flats soon) and a purple shirt (from le Chateau)


and this are the warm cozy leggings that personally I found comfortable and much warmer than any of my men pants:


and these last out fit red and black that I wore today:


And for now these are the outfits that my girl friends suggested me to try, personally I liked the experience cause I went out of my confort zone, and I found these outfit really comfortable and practical, maybe in some years they will be a unisex clothes.

Well as my friend and blogger Carmen said:”Fashion is fun” so my friends and I , we try new things in fashion. What do you think?

Have a nice day !








8 thoughts on “Some other shoes and look that I should try

  1. Great looks Ivan, you have some nice fashion conscious friends. It’s fabulous that you stepped out of your comfort zone by wearing great pants and fashion boots.

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    • Hi Bri,
      Thanks for visiting my blog ! It was a challenge to try riding boots and leggings but I found them as a real comfortable options to jeans and khakis. The boots look elegant, are comfortable and keep my legs warm so I found them also practical. I love your TB riding boots they are very elegant and beautiful and you loo awesome in them. Have a nice day !


  2. Fabulous outfits Ivan! I love the purple shirt, the red pullover looks great too, colours are wonderful to brighten up the winter season. As for leggings, as long as you’re warm and comfortable. Reminds me of Peter Pan.

    Fashion is fun! (not just for girls!) 🙂
    ❤ carmen

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    • Thanks Carmen for visiting my blog! I dare with help of my girlfriends to try these outfit and honestly I felt comfortable with them, you are right I felt like Peter Pan when wearing the leggings haha but I found them very comfortable and practical, sometimes I even wore them along my flats at the office and for my surprise I had nice comments and I wear everyday under my khaki pants or jeans during this cold crazy winter and keeps me warm wearing 2 lawyers on my legs, honestly warmer than the thermal tights for men

      You are right fashion is fun for everybody !!

      Have a nice day !


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