Sabrinas London flats: My review

Good morning everyday!!

I would like to introduce this brand of super comfortable flats made in Spain. After reading the review of a really wonderful blogger and fashion consultant, Bridgette Raes:


My good friend Brian, also did a wonderful review of this ballerinas flats  at his blog:

I said to myself if two ballet flats wearers with experience in many good brands recommend them, why not to try them, so, I decided to buy them but in leather not in suede to see if there was a huge difference in comfort and look. It wasn’t easy to get them as they are not sold in Canada. I got them at eBay for a good price  but you can get them at:’s%20London

they offer a great variety of colors. Or if not please refer to the extensive list that Bridgette wrote down at her review to find a retailer close your home in the U.S.

These ballerinas flats offer really good support because they have a 3/4″ heel made on solid rubber and a cushioned insole, the uppers and lining are made of good quality leather and they allow my feet to breath well, no sweaty or smelly feet after wearing them for 8 hours at my job, that’s a big bonus!


They only needed 1 day of breaking and I could say that they are comfty right out of the box. I bought one pair in metallic blue and the other one in snake pattern color black and bronze that match wonderful with any outfit. In both flats the left shoe pinched a little bit my big toe but after wearing them 3 or 4 days, the leather stretchs out and they fit better.

The price is around US $ 159 but you are getting a very durable and comfortable pair of  flats that will last and that despite they have enough support, they don’t look bulky. This is one of the things that I love of this flats they make your feet look slim and cute no toe cleavage and they hold your feet without hurting them. They have a kind of elastic to keep your feet on the shoes. Maybe at the beginning this elastic will rub the area where your big toe’s bone starts but after wearing them with socks 2 days at home they will feel better.

They are sturdy and I pretty sure they will last more that other brands that I have. I can compare the comfort with my Camper Nina Right or Sam Edelman’s Felicia ballerinas

I can walk all day long with them and they are perfect for long walking or for shopping. This flats in my opinion fits better for narrow to average feet.

Sizing: Be aware that they are made in Spain and that they run small, if you wear a ladies shoe size US 9 you should get a European size 40  to be comfortable. I wear ladies size US 10 and I got both pairs in size EU 41.

Really a good investment to slip on comfortably every day and here are some pics of my Sabrinas flats in metallic blue:




and the black and bronze flats:


with skinny jeans:


and with khaki pants


I hope this review will be helpful and you can get a pair of them , I am pretty sure you will love them. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of health, love , peace and why not flats 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Sabrinas London flats: My review

  1. Glad to see you treated yourself to a couple pairs of Sabrinas. They look great on you and as we both know they are super comfy (and cute).

    Great review. As you know from my post I got the Negro Ante15 which is Sabrinas way of saying black suede. I wear a size women’s size 10.5 and a Euro 42 fits me perfect. They felt great as soon as I put them on. I like to go for a daily walk and these Sabrinas are so comfy I wear them as my daily walking shoes when the weather is nice.

    This Spanish brand called Sabrinas aren’t a well known name in Canada (yet), but hopefully you and I can change that. The best place to get a pair if you live in Canada is from Ebay.

    Merry Christmas my friend and hopefully there’s a few pairs of amazing flats under the tree for you. 🙂

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    • Hi Bri,

      Sorry for the delay of my answer but I was on holydays abroad and with not too much access to my PC. I hope you had wonderful holydays and that you got some new cute flats !

      I love my Sabrinas I’ve worn them a lot on holydays and now in my job but despite the everyday wear the soles are very resistant same for the uppers , the insoles shows now some toe prints and they are a little bit smelly but not too much taking in count that I wear 5 o 6 day a week .

      Some of my girl friends will start to order they Sabrinas ballerinas using or eBay, my good friend Jenna got them in brown leather and we’re swapping these comfty flats at the office. She also has good comments of this brand.

      As Xmas gift’s I got a pair of Vince Camuto Ria ballerinas:

      Very recommended brand super soft and comfy ballerinas if you wanna try them.

      Thanks for your kind comments and I wish you a wonderful year 2017




  2. Hi Ivan! Another wonderful review of flats. I have not heard of this brand but I already really like the way they look. They look fabulous on you, I even like them better that Tieks. I also really like the sole, it looks like it has so much more support than your average ballet flat. This is great for those people that have to walk, even just a little bit.

    Have you heard of Shoes of Prey? They offer customizable shoes, including ballet flats in wide widths. I’m going to check them out right now.

    Hope you had a great new year!


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    • Hi Nout,

      Thanks for visiting my blog ! If you like flats or if you are a flats wearer like me you’d love Sabrinas London flats, they really offer good support for standing and/or walking all day long. I’ve been wearing them for 5 days at my job and my feet are never sore or tired, the leather is soft and moulded to my feet in 2 or 3 evening. The brand Sabrinas is better known in Europe but I hope they will open a web page to purchase in North America soon. Along with my TB minnie travels flats, Camper Nina right and Frye flats this brand has won my feet 🙂

      I checked the site of Shoes of Prey:

      and I love the fact that we can customize our shoes (for me sandals, and flats and maybe wedges) in colors, textures, shapes and the price is reasonable for a pair of customized shoes. I love when technology and fashion marry , now every of us can be her/his own shoe’s designer. Thanks a lot for the suggestion I will save some bucks to design my own pair of flats and sandals for spring and summer !

      I hope you also had a great and happy new year, my best wishes for this 2017 for you and your family !!




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