Hii everbody,

 I wanted to write this post to ease the process of breaking your beautiful Tieks flats. I tried this tricks that I learnt by trial and error and reading from other bloggers.

Let’s start:

1.    After opening the cute turquoise box , please check that the size of your Tieks is the one that you order. Verify if your Tieks don’t have any manufacturing defect or missing parts

2.    Unfold them and try them barefoot at your home, walk with them for at least 10 minutes


3.    If you detect some areas that hurts of bother of your news flats, put on thick socks and wear your flats for 2 hours at max every evening  for 2 or 3 weeks


4.    If you still feel that even with socks, your flats hurts apply heat from your hairdryer in the areas where the shoes bother the most, in my case it was the elastic in the toe area where my big toe’s bone starts in the  right shoe and in the left shoe, it pinched my big toe.


5.    After wearing them for 2 hours, if your Tieks tend to close like a clam on your feet, you can fold them in the opposite direction and place band rubbers to soften the elastic of your flats. Left the rubber bands during  3 nights, after the third night you should feel a difference when wearing your Tieks with socks.If not repeat this step for other three nights.



6.    Then while not wearing your Tieks, you can stuff them with socks to stretch out the leather and reduce the break in period, leave them stuffed  2 or 3 days. If you have a shoe stretcher, place them into your Tieks and leave them for the same time.



7.    If you still have issues in your big toe, you can follow this tip that a nice blogger send me as response for visiting her blog:

The email comes from Ame and her blog :


“So glad they worked out for you!


One of the tricks I learned for comfort in the toe area is to get some thinner moleskin and cut a small oval and stick that in where your big toe hits. It keeps your toe from rubbing there as much.  I actually did a piece that covers most of the inside top of the one shoe and that helped me out a lot. 


Glad you love them!

Ame “


In my experience I could take between 3 or 5 weeks to break in this cute flats but after that they become very soft and comfortable as slippers. I hope this short guide would be helpful to reduce the break in time of your cute Tieks. They worked for me despite I have really flat feet, now I can wear my Tieks more days during the week.


Have a nice day!








  1. Thanks muuch for sharing these useful tips. I am new to Tieks and recently bouth two pair of Tieks and I absolutely love them but I am in the process of breaking them in. They fit a bit snug but I am hoping they will stretch a bit with wear. If they don´t, I will certainly follow some of these useful tips! Thanks agiain


    • Hi Irene,

      I am glad you like my post. If you need help to breaking your Tieks you can get a shoe stretcher and it will spee up the break in process. Have a nice day



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