“Flats that have similar look and comfort as Tieks but more affordable


Hello everybody,
I wrote this post because I think that everybody deserves a cute pair of comfortable flats that looks great but that most people can afford and that they have a similar look and comfort like Tieks.None of the following brands of flats are foldable, but they have a good quality, look beautiful in your feet and are quite comfortable for going everywhere. I have all of them in my shoe collection and I’ve been worn them for a while so I can recommend them to my readers without hesitation.

1. Lucky Brand Emmie: very soft and comfortable flats, they have elastics around the shoe, this elastic could dig into your heel the first times that wore them, so better to break in with socks at home for a week and use anti friction cream or vaseline in your heels to avoid blisters when wearing them outside the first time. The insole is cushioned but manmade so maybe your feet could get sweaty in summer if wearing them a lot. I like them cause they are cute, they are quite comfty, break in period is short, they last one year and half if worn alternately, and the price is CAD $ 80 or even less at eBay or US $60. Heel height = 5 mm (1/4″)


2. Vince Camuto Ellen: You never go wrong with this brand, they look really professional and beautiful in your feet, the price still affordable CAN$ 120, good quality leather in uppers and insoles, they feel like slippers, not blisters in heel or toe area, heel cups didn’t dig into my heel, my feet breathes great even in hot summer days. They really last, my only pair in black is almost 2 years and I wore sometimes 3 or 4 days at week. Heel height = 5 mm (1/4″)




3. Le Château moda Reflex flats: If you live in Canada, you can get them easily. The uppers and insoles are made on soft leather, they have an elastic but they didn’t bother me a lot the first time maybe just my big toe that rubbed on the left shoe, the sole is manmade but despite that fact these flats had held up well, I have 3 pairs and all of them are 3 years. The insoles don’t get smelly easily and they have a 1/2″ hidden heel so you can walk at least 6 hours comfortably. The breaking period was one week wearing them with sock all the evenings. You can get them for CAD $ 78 at:



4. Geox Charlene: This flats are good quality , the uppers and insole are real leather, they have elastics in the shoe to hold your feet without slipping off. The sole is on rubber of good quality. The insole has perforations to let your feet breath, The heel area has a solid bump for walking support that allows you to walk comfortably. The elastic of the right shoe tended, at the beginning, to dig into my heel and rubbed a little bit but without getting any blister. The breaking period was maybe one week and a half. This flats runs small, I usually wear women shoe size US 9.5 or 10 depending the brand but with this brand I got them in size 11. My Geox flats are 2 years old and they seems to last well. Heel height along the inner heel support are around 1/2″. Price is CAD $120 but you can get them on discount from time to time at the Geox store ot Softmoc.



5. Hush Puppies Chelsea: Soft real leather in the uppers, the insoles are padded and absorb moisture and they don’t get really smelly, they have a little bit of arch support, soles are made of non slippery rubber , looks great for any occasion, casual and dressy. Break in period maybe 2 weeks and the only con that I found in this flats is the elastic on the heels because they tend to dig into my Achilles tendons, so I had to put padded heel grips to avoid blisters. Affordable price CAD$ 70, perfect as unisex flats. My Hush puppies flats are 2 years and they are still in good shape. Heel height = 5 mm (1/4″).




And these are my suggestions of flats that look similar to Tieks but they are comfortable more affordable, and with good quality.
Hope this review will help you to find a nice pair of flats
Have a good day !


5 thoughts on ““Flats that have similar look and comfort as Tieks but more affordable

    • Hi Bri,
      Definitely these brands are cute and comfty (in some case more than Tieks)and affordable. I tested each one of them and I wear them on a regular basis so I can share my experiences with those brands. In my experience a good quality and comfortable ballerina are on a range of prices between CAD $ 55 to CAD$150.Thanks for your comment and have a nice day my friend


  1. I have a sizing question since I am ordering online and Le Chateau doesn’t let you do returns or refunds I want to get the size correct. In the exact hush puppies you showed I know I need an 8 (even though in their other styles I need a 7-7.5) In the Le Chateau ballerina’s what size did you get compared to the Hush Puppies size?


    • Hi Sam,
      I got a size 10 both brands. At le Chateau flats it depends the style, but in the style that I got and I show in this post, the size 10 fit me fine. So if you wear size 7.5 get a size 38 (7.5-8) according to their size chart. Hope it helps.


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