Bernie Mev Hazel flats: My Review

Good morning everybody !

Today I want to share my review of this flats made by Bernie Mev, a company founded in 1974 in the U.S. and totally transformed  by its current owners Itamar and Rachel Carmi in 2008. The model that I have it’s called Hazel in cobalt blue or electric blue:


Same model but in black in a 3/4 perspective:

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It’s made in elastic woven that molds to your feet without hurting. Let’s start this review:


I find this flats really comfortable because they have really good cushion at the insoles at least 3 layers of foam of different materials and the last layer is a very cushy one made of leather, her you can see the insoles layers:


The leather insole is really cushy  when I push my finger against it as shown in this picture:


They have a good height of heel (3/4″)that has like independent cylindrical forms at the sole that provides good support and shock absorption when walking or standing on your feet:


These flats have a soft leather lining that reduces rubbing from the inside of the shoe against your feet:


After the breaking period they are easy to slip on and off and the elastic around the shoe helps to keep this flats on your feet but without digging into your skin.


Breaking period:

The right shoe’s heel rubbed a little bit my feet and  the elastics at the top of the feet bothered me  somehow, so I decided to wear them with socks one week at home, then 4 days barefoot also at home and after that I started to wear them outdoors, I must say 1 week and a half to break them in, this is the heel cup of the shoe that bothered me the most:



My feet doesn’t tend to sweat a lot, but in summer you never know. The leather insoles absorbs really well the moisture of your feet, Dominique, the sales lady that recommended me showed me the insoles of her same style of flats despite being dark from constant wear, she told me that neither her feet or flats became smelly. I can say the same even that I always alternate my flats everyday, one week I wore them all the days and I haven’t had any problem with sweaty feet or odors. Therefore this flats lets breath well your feet.


Depending where you live the price varies from US $ 55 at Amazon to CAD$100 where I live in Canada. I consider for the comfort and quality of these flats they worth the money. If you live in U.S. these flats are more affordable and easier to find, but if you live in Canada, I personally don’t recommend to purchase online at the U.S. because the shipping fees and custom taxes would be as expensive as the same price of the shoe. In Canada you can find them at these  stores:

Bernie Mev Women's Bella Me

Appearance: They look cute , they don’t shoe any toe cleavage, they look very classical and original plain ballet flat, and you can wear with any outfit. Good for casual Fridays at the office or if you find them in black you can wear them with slack pants  or a nice skirt at your workplace depending your company dress code.



The size of these brand is in European sizes and they run small I usually wear women shoe size US 9.5 or 10 or its equivalent in EU 40, but  the 40 was too tight in my toes that the sales lady brought me the 41 and that size felt perfect on my feet. In my opinion try them at the store and size up to be comfortable on them, specially the toe area.

Number of hours I can wear them:  when walking  6 h to 8h then I swap to my bedroom slippers cause  if my feet is too swollen the elastics could rub where my big toe starts, and all day if standing at the office walking from a room to other and sitting.


I  am pretty sure this flats are made to last. I have mine for one year wearing them twice a week and they seem to last, you cans see in one picture that the insoles aren’t dark and the  heels don’t show a lot of wear after one year neither the upper of the shoes:


Type of the feet that are more suitable:

I could say the will feel better if you have an average or narrow feet, but as the flats have elastic maybe if you have a slightly wide feet you can wear them without hurting or hating a lot the elastics.

Conclusion: I recommend these flats considering the comfort, quality, durability and price, and how cute they look, specially if you need to walk a lot in your job or when shopping or you are a young mom running behind your kids, or when travelling and you need shoes comfortable and with good support this are the ones for you.

And this is how I love to wear them, on summer with capris:


And in fall with jeans and a sweater:


Hope this review would be helpful and I wish you a nice weekend !







6 thoughts on “Bernie Mev Hazel flats: My Review

  1. I love Bernie Mev shoes but have always found them too small. The 11s are EU 41 and are even small for a 41 so I have yet to find a pair that fits me.
    I have a “thing” for shoe soles and just love the knobbies on the bottom of your pair. If I could find a pair that fit me I would definitely get them!


    • Thanks Bri, they are super cute and comfty maybe you will be able to get a pair for the moment I am testing a pair of Tieks and a pair of Paule Mayer flats made in Spain. Maybe in few months I will write my review about my experience with Tieks and the Spanish flats. Have a nice weekend my friend !


  2. Hi Bri,
    I got them in navy color to match easily with my clothes. I am still testing them and I hope in few months write a more objective review. First impressions about Tieks: they need a moderate period of breaking to mold them to your feet but less painful and long than the TB Revas 😉
    Have a nice day !


  3. Great choice, that California Navy colour looks great on the Tieks website. It’s easy to be drawn in by all the bright pinks, lavenders and other bright patent colours but for everyday use I think most women or men gravitate towards black, beige or navy like you did. Of course even these basic colours still have those gorgeous unmistakeable Tieks blue soles.

    Have a great day. 🙂

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