Camper Nina Right flats: My review


Good morning everybody,

Today I want to share with you my review about this beautiful and super comfortable Mary Janes flats. I tried them 2 years ago at one Camper store in Montreal and I was sold !

The comfort factor: It is a big bonus in these flats, the insoles are a good mix of cushion and support like a sneaker’s insoles but a little bit softer,  you can see how cushy the insoles are:


Here you can see the thickness of the insoles:


and they are perfect for long walking as they have a sturdy and flexible insole with a good balance of rigidity and a split sole that make them wonderful to wear  all day long


These flats are made in Spain, the upper are made of pig skin so the are very soft and I have never had blisters on my feet. The strap hold your feet gently avoiding that the flats slip off from your foot as commonly happens with some ballerinas. The strap is flexible so you dont have any pain or cut on the top of your feet.

Break in period: Maybe one or two evenings at max, personally I find these flats very comfortable right out the box. The edge of thes flats is rounded so they don’t cut or dig into your skin.

Look: The profile of these flats is perfect for any occasion. They are cute and easy to match with any casual or even dressy outfit like slack pants.


Durability: My first pair, the black ones, has 2 years and as you can see they don’t show a lot of wear on the uppers and just some signs of worn on the heels but considering that I wear them 2 or 3 times a week during summer and part of fall, these flats are made to last in my opinion.  A pic of the heels of my black pair after 2 years of wear:


Price: They are still affordable at CAD $ 135 and free shipping from the Camper site in Canada:

Number of hours I can walk with this pair of shoes: 8h +


As they are made in Europe these flats run small, I usually wear ladies US shoe size 9.5 or 10 depending the brand, or its equivalent in European size 40, but in these flats I had to pick a size 41. This size fits me right to both feet, so if you are a US size 8 you should get a size 39 in this style of flats.

I recommend to find your local Camper store or a shoe store that carries this flats and to try them in person to see if they fit comfortably.


If your feet tends to sweat I recommend to alternate this flats with other shoes or place green tea bags after wearing them at the insoles to absorb odors, because the insoles can get smelly; the insoles’ material tends to absorb the moisture of your feet as I experience once when I wore them 4 days on the row. On a scale from 1 to 10 (one is for shoes with man made insoles that make your feet extremely sweaty and 10 is for a shoe that allows your feet to breath very well without getting your feet sweaty  and/or smelly) I rate its breathability with a 7.5 .

Type of feet that these shoes are convenient: In my experience for average width and wide feet.


I honestly recommend these cute and super comfy flats, they are perfect for travelling, or going shopping or in any time that you need to walk a lot and you want to look great and being comfortable at the same time. Perfect for average and  wide feet.

And here are some pics how I wear my three pairs:

The black flats on my feet:


and how I like to wear them:


My Camper flats in blue:


and finally my brown flats:


UPDATE  February 4, 2017:

Good news for all the people that we love the Camper Nina Right flats, this wonderful brand introduced the same ballerina flat but without the strap (unfortunately just in black color 😦  and I love them same comfort , same price but easier to slip on and off (I am really lazy on morning so flats that are beautiful, comfortable and overall easy to put on are a must in my closet ),

This flats is like wearing slippers but the supportive outsole make them perfect as everyday shoes everywhere, and the soft leather mould to your feet and I personally never had blister with them; again I had to size up and I got them in size 41

and this how I wear them at home when I want really comfortable and having a dinner with close girl friends:


and these are the ballerinas flats on my feet:


Aren’t they perfect for any occasion?


Hope this review would be helpful and I wish you a nice weekend !




6 thoughts on “Camper Nina Right flats: My review

  1. Great review Ivan. These Camper Nina Right flats do look super comfy and very fashionable. It’s funny because I’d never heard of this brand until my friend PinkPanther was talking about the pair he owns. Now you’ve given an excellent review of your 3 pairs. Two guys talking about the comfort and cuteness of these flats can’t be wrong – RIGHT! Or should I say Camper Nina Right, haha, I’m silly 🙂

    Love how you’ve created 3 fab outfits with your 3 pairs.

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    • Hi Bri,

      Honestly these flats are one of the comfiest that I have, no break in needed, they are cute and they are made to last. I went to Maison d’Ogilvy in Montreal downtown and the sales lady recommended me this brand for being comfortable and walk a lot instead of brands like MK, Louboutin, Pretty Ballerinas, Coach, and even at the Camper shoe store the sales associate also recommended me this style over the others that they have in their collection. So two guys and many sales associates can’t be wrong, I hope you can get a pair of them you won’t regret it 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words about my outfits, I wish you a great weekend my friend !


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  2. What a thorough review!! i love how you include photos of you wearing each pair. I totally concur with you about how comfortable the Camper Right Nina MJ ballet flats are. I wear my black Right Nina’s with my Lululemon capris and skinny jeans. I obtained mine at Mountain Equipment Coop in Edmonton. I’ve seen many females wearing them in a multitude of colors…the orange and red colors really stand out. I wear them when I go grocery shopping, to Starbucks and running errands. Your blogs indicating that you wear them to work inspired me to put them on for “casual Friday” yesterday. I received positive remarks from my co-workers. What a great feeling!! What were the initial reactions you received from your work colleagues when you first wore your ballet flats to work?

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    • Hi Pinkpanther,

      I am glad you like my review and my outfit when wearing this amazing MJ flats. I am also happy that there are more men enjoying the shoes that they like.

      I also saw some women wearing this super comfty flats and when talking with them all of them told me that this cute flats are the comfiest that they’ve worn and I totally agree! I think you look awesome in your Lululemon capris with this flats and I am happy that you get positive remarks when wearing them at the office from your co-workers. Originality always gets rewards 🙂

      I am lucky cause my company has a very flexible dress code and open to diversity, so I really don’t have problems to wear my flats barefoot openly, most of my co-workers are ladies, and am also lucky that some of my colleges have became my friends and support my fashion style, so when I wore the first time this flats I receive nice comments that how well they look on me, that they are cute and look comfty, and my friend Jenna even tried on them as we wear same ladies shoe size.

      Well Jenna and I , we usually swap flats to test them and get opinions about different brands of shoes. On the street most people doesn’t care, or as this flats have a square toe they don’t look ultra feminine as my Sam Edelmans felicia’s or other nice bow flats, so I wear them very often in my three colors.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day !


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  3. My wife and I just returned from a weekend trip to Calgary. We stayed at the Country Inn and Suites for two nights. They have a large complimentary breakfast in the mornings. There was a ringette team of 15 to 17 year old girls with their moms at breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning. I wore my Camper Right Nina ballet flats with my skinny jeans both mornings. Not once did any of the girls or moms point out that a man was wearing Mary Jane ballet flats. To me it proves that if you are a male wearing ballet flats with confidence females will accept your fashion style. I thank Brian, bloggers like Joy and you Ivan, for instilling that confidence in me!! 🙂

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  4. Hii Pinkpanther,

    Your comment made my day and I am very happy that my blog instilled confidence in you. In my experience most ladies are supportive that a man wear flats or ladies sandals in a tasteful manner, as you experienced in Calgary with your wife nobody of all those women pointed out or made any comments, because you looked happy and confident at the same time and if your wife supports you and your fashion more points for you. Love, Trust and communication are essential in a couple.

    I always keep in my mind these three wise phrases: ” flats are slippers so everybody can wear flats” this is from my friend Jenna; ” Fashion is fun and male flamingos are pink” from a nice friendly blogger called Carmen that is very open minded and supportive with men wearing flats and the last one but not the least :”LET EVERYTHING OUT ” from one of my favorite bloggers Katie Mc Murray.

    I am happy that you dress for yourself and I keep in touch !

    Have a nice day


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