Shopping is fun !!

Hii everybody !!

It’s not a secret that I love to wear beautiful comfty shoes, and finding the right pair of flats or sandals ( my favorite kind of shoes) that fits us comfortable and that looks awesome in our feet takes time. Every person’s feet is different, for example I have small average feet for a guy and my left feet is almost 1/8″ bigger than my right not noticeable when watching my feet but I noticed when when I try flats or mules. The right shoe is roomy in a size 10 but the left shoe feels a little bit tight without hurting. In many cases our  feet is not the problem, the shoes are the problem maybe in my next blog I will pass to you some tips and tricks to make more comfortable your shoes.

But today and because some of my readers and friends ask me: “Ivan , why don’t you take pics of you wearing your flats outdoors?”  I decided to post some pics taken when going shopping to some shoes stores in Montreal:

Let’s start:

1) Pretty Ballerinas:

They are located at Westmount neighbourhood, a really nice fancy area in the west of the island accesible by bus, metro and car. I consider this cute store as the heaven for ballet flats lovers, they have one of the most beautiful collection of ballerinas in all the city. Ally, the manager (she looks like actress Nathalie Portman), is a very nice, friendly and outgoing young lady from B.C., that really knows their products and she’s really helpful and patient when you are trying all those cute flats. Their flats come in European sizes so beware that maybe a size US 10 would be more like a size EU 40.5 or even 41.

With this brand the only problem is the sizing, I usually wear ladies shoe size US 9.5 or 10 depending the brand, and most of the time I have to pick size 41 from Pretty Ballerinas flats. As Ally told me and I believe her,  my right size is EU 40.5 but they don’t usually carry this size in their Montreal’s location, but you can order to them and they will find them for you with and extra fee.

I tried this patent flats that shows a little bit of toe cleavage, in size 41 and fit me wonderful due to the shape of the shoe (price CAD $ 237), usually size 41 fits me a little bit loose and I must add leather insoles to compensate :


I felt in love with them perfect for any occasion and very comfty, and this is me trying them ( I have blues in my arms cause I had medical test that morning, so nothing better to relax myself after test that going shopping ;):


Ally was really kind to take me this pic. Then I tried this pair of silver/white bow flats (price on sale $ 135) in size 41 that also fit me great.


And this is me while taking the pic:


And finally I tried a pair of cute cobalt blue snake print ballerinas (price $ 230)in same size but as the point of the flat is a little bit narrow the flats fit me well, thanks again Ally for the pic 😉


What I like of this store are: excellent friendly customer service, the floor is made in hard wood so you can evaluate the flats in almost real condition as you walk on the street( many shoe stores have carpets instead of hard floor so almost any shoe you’ll try will feel comfty…a trick that one of my friends that is an SA told me 😉 the quality of the shoes (they are made in Spain) , the huge range of styles, colors and shapes of flats and even sneakers they have in stock. The only cons: Their flats need 2 or 3 evening of break in, and the prices range between CAD $ 209 to $ 350 !! That’s the only reason that I didn’t bought any of these beauties. Maybe when I will save some money I will get a pair for sure !

If you have the budget, I really recommend this store, Ally is there from Monday to Friday and on weekends you can ask for Emily or Elizabeth, they are really nice and helpful.

2) the former Mochico shoe store : this chain of shoe stores located in Montreal was one of my favorites to purchase my shoes, unfortunately the closed on Spring 2016. They reopened with an other name but it’s no the same quality of products than before.I made some good friends with the sales associates, Marie and Martina, they were always friendly and helpful and I bought many of my Sam Edelmans Felicia flats there at their sales, I took some pics of me trying some différents pairs of flats at one of their last open locations that was selling everything at 70% due to the closure:

Purple bow flats from Coach, cute flats from good brand but  not really comfty


White and baby blue strap  Camper Nina right flats, comfort assured but they were in size 9 so they fit snuggy , only reason I didn’t bought them 😦


Sam Edelman Felicia flats in red/green squares a brand that I love but I had too many of them


DKNKY sandals, really cute but made my feet sweaty as they ‘re made of rubber


and finally a pair of Melissa jelly flats , cute,comfty  and smell really good but not my style maybe in the future I’ll consider them in my collection


I didn’t purchase any of the cause or they weren’t really super comfty and if they don’t fit well at home you can’t return them or get a refund as they were on sale. Definitely I didn’t want to take the chance and I have ton of flats, well ladies and some gentlemans that we love nice shoes can understand me, no more room in my closet lol

3) La Strada is a small store located on a basement in Westmount in Sherbrooke St. W. the owner is friendly lady called Marcelle Garfield, she really has a very select pairs of shoes from good comfortable brand from Europe, but a good prices, no more than CAD $ 180.

Her store carries brand such as Cloud (Made in Portugal), I tried some their sandals and peep toe flats and I liked despite they weren’t in my size (Does it happens only to me that sometimes you love the shoe and color but they don’t have it in your size or they have your size but not in the color or style you want ???)  and The Reflexx from Italy. I tried this quilted white super comfty flats , I didn’t buy them cause I have to save some money for groceries lol and also cause the style is a little bit old fashion, I prefer more slim youth ballerinas flats for me.But if you like them I really recommend them perfect for long walking price was I guess $ 120. These are the flats:


and this is me trying them (sorry the pic is blurry .. :


4) Louis Vuitton boutique:  Well dreaming being a rich doesn’t cost you anything, so I decide to try  some flats from this famous and expensive brand . After trying 4 pairs of flats,sometimes price and luxe don’t mean comfort, I only found comfortable this pink flats and I love the style , but when I listen the price ($ 685 !!! with that money I pay an appartment monthly rent lol), I almost faint !!  so just tried and enjoyed them for 10 minutes haha, I look happy in the pic cause maybe I am surronded of cute shoes, well what can I do I am a shoeaholic and pink is fun lol:


5)Le Chatêau outlet: I love this store cause they have nice shoes and clothes for both genders I tried really fast this white sandals but found them a little bit stiff, but I  loved how they looked on me:


then I tried this tan flats but my toes felt really tight on them and the heel cup of the shoe started to dig in to my heel, so despite they are cute I didn’t bought them…if the shoe is not comfortable at the first time don’t buy it..


Le Chatêau outlet has really good prices, nice clothes and cute shoes ranging from $29 to $69. So they are very affordable.

Tired of shopping with me…lol..this is the last one store an will go home..promise …lol

6) Softmoc: I went there to get a pair of Birkenstock sandals that Sandy recommended to me but I didn’t find them super comfortable I found them too stiff for sandals but I finally  found a pair of cute flats from GEOX made in Italy, very comfortable and at 60% off ( $40)so I bought them. They let my feet breath and despite I am not a fan of flats with elastics this ones fit me great ( I had to size up until size 11 wohooo, European shoes runs really small!!!) and they are good quality leather shoes:

Here are the flats


and this is me trying them in the store:


These flats needed 3 evenings of break in, and wearing them with socks to make them more comfortable. But honestly I recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a pair of dressy flats.

And after all this shopping I bet you are feeling tired and it’s time to go home relax my feet in my old comfty flats and have a great diner with friends, but shopping is fun, a good exercise (you walk a lot while goin in and out of stores) and it’s an indirect way to socialize with the sales associates, your friends or even with other customers, so I hope you enjoyed my shopping day !! Let me know which pairs you liked the most  or any comment !

Have a nice day !!







6 thoughts on “Shopping is fun !!

    • Hi Mike,

      I had a lot of fun trying many nice flats and sandals. Finally I got the Geox black flats with the patent toe cap at a really good price. So my shopping day wasn’t a waste of time 🙂


  1. Glad to see you treated yourself to several shopping adventures. I think most guys (and maybe even some women) feel intimidated going into a high end boutique like Louis Vuitton or Tory Burch and trying on shoes. I know I was very nervous during my first visit to the Tory Burch boutique. If you go in and be kind, honest and upfront with the sales associates, you should receive great service.

    Looks like you tried on some great brands of flats and sandals. I know you and my good friend PinkPanther have mentioned how great the Camper Nina flats are. After viewing a few You Tube videos about them I tend to agree. They look super comfy and wonderfully feminine. I’m going to try search a pair out for me to try.

    Hope you are having a fabulous day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Bri,

      Thanks for your kind comment. Definitely the first time that I entered to a luxury shoe store, it was a little bit intimidating, but then I smile and if I observe that the sales lady has a pair of flats or sandals that seems comfty and cute , I ask her if her shoes are comfortable to wear all day long and if they have in stock, in many cases, it’s a good opener (the sales ladies in most of the cases notice that I am wearing ballet flats, so they don’t ask me if the shoes are for a gift cause they know that I will ty them )and in this way, I tried many pairs of flats and sandals, and if not I asked them:”Do you mind if I try them on, because they are for me”.In 90% I don’t have any problems to try the kind of shoes that I love to wear, cause as you said if you are honest and upfront along with a smile, sales ladies will respond nicely specially in high end stores.

      You should get a pair of Camper Nina right flats, I have 3 pairs and they worth the money, they are so comfortable that sometimes I work out with them, I can walk all day long with this flats without any problem, they don’t need break in and they also cute and they really last. If you wear size US 10.5, try a size EU 42:

      You will love this flats, I never had blister with them and you can match them with any outfit and you’ll look awesome. Have a nice day my friend !


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love, love , love that color super cute with capris, shorts or jeans you will look awesome my friend, you won’t regret that purchase these flats doesn’t need break in and you can walk on them all day long , great choice of color, after watching them I am considering to get a pair in same color 🙂

    Have a nice day my friend,


    Liked by 1 person

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