Today outfit & Pointy flats

Hi everbody!!

I always wanted a pair of pointy flats but most of the time the toe box was too narrow or stiff in may styles of pointy flats that I tried. The other day I went to Crocs store to buy a pair of comfty thong sandals and I discover that this brand developed a cute pointy flat very comfortable, called Rio flats.

I tried in size 10 and they fit me great . I purchased and after 1 or 2  weeks of breaking in (I recommend to wear them at the evening with socks or tights  2 or 3 hours )  I start to appreciate a pair of ballerinas flats with good support for walking and wear in rainy days that doesn’t look like made in rubber. My feet get a bit sweaty but not too much.This are my only pair of pointy flats:


So I decided to wear with a polo shirt from Chaps , my Levis white capris and this is my today outfit for Sunday:


I had some blister caused from other pair of flats that I am still breaking in, well who doesn’t get from time to time blister while wearing flats or shoes barefoot?

And yesterday I wore these flats in my office in a very similar manner.


I’m wearing nylons cause yesterday was a little bit cold for my feet. I love to wear flats cause they are so versatile and comfty that this kind of shoes can easily be matched with any combination of clothes and accessoires.  Hope you liked and if you have any comment and /or suggestion please let me know.

Have a nice week!!







9 thoughts on “Today outfit & Pointy flats

    • Thanks Jody for your comment, I also haven’t imagined that Crocs had cute comfty flats, I also have the Kadee flats from that brand and they are even more comfortable than my pointy flats. Glad you like my blog. Have a nice day !


  1. WOW Ivan! When I think of Crocs I certainly don’t think of cute flats. Those are amazing. I agree with Jody, they look great with jeans.

    I only have one pair of pointy toed flats too, mostly because my Tory Burch sales girl was dead set against pointy toed flats for me. I still remember her exact words, she said “Brian those flats on you SCREAM feminine!” I ended up getting them even those she was 100% right, they are very feminine, not just cuz of the pointy toe but also the gold trim on the heel.

    Congrats on your new pointy toed Crocs Ivan, they look great!

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      • Aww LLYNDON, thanks for your kind words. Yes these shoes are gorgeous and the combination of several small features is what makes them look so feminine. Most obvious is the pointy toe but add in the gold trim on the heel, the slightly lower cut, the colour, the texture and the material on the bottom of the heel that click when you walk on hard surfaces. All this combined does equal one feminine flats. Or should I say….perfect for me! Let me SCREAM away.

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    • Hi Bri,
      Thanks for your kind comment, I am also amazed that this brand, that usually produces really ugly shoes, stars making some cute flats that are comfortable for rainy days when I don’t want to damage my leather flats. I love those gorgeous blue pointy flats from Tory Burch, you should wear them with black pants or dark denim jeans, along with a long sleeve shirt in color cobalt blue you will look super dressy.

      I plan to get a pair of minnie travels in emerald green despite I find hard to match with my clothes and that look feminine I plan to do it.I support you, cause you made a wonderful purchase despite the advice of your SA.I love them and you should wear them!!

      Have a nice day !!

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      • Wooow Bri !!! Love, love how you matched those gorgeous pointy blue flats with your skinny jeans and that shirt, you look awesome, and honestly wearing feminine outfit and /or footwear , for me at least, it’s a way to honor those amazing women in our lives, and also feeling happy and comfortable with ourselves. Just remember what my good friend Jenna says: ” Flats are slippers so everybody can wear flats”.

        Definitely I ‘d borrow those super cute flats for going to my job with a nice black slack pants and a blue cobalt shirt !Maybe I will get a pair like yours . Finally your outfit screams happiness, beauty, outgoing,original and feeling well in your skin !!

        Have a nice day my friend !



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