Denim capris & flats

Hi everybody,

As I really liked very much my white capris I decide to get a pair of same Levis style but in denim blue for this summer. I love how they fit me and the many ways I can combine it with my t-shirts, polos shirts and of course my ballet flats (why not wear nice shoes that feel like slippers all the time !!). Here are some pics of how I wear them this summer:

Blue polo shirt from Tommy, capris from Levis 515, and TB minnie travel flats in black casual but very comfortable for weekend or casual Friday at the office (some people stared my look when I was travelling in the subway but I was really happy and in my thoughts that I didn’t care hehe):


I wore this outfit yesterday when I went to my friend Jenna’s home for diner, also comfortable and perfect for evening: grey sweater from Simmons collection 31, grey polo from Hollister, denim capris from Levis, and Sam Edelman Felicia flats in silver


Last weekend I wore a green polo from Champs, denim capris and camo ballerinas flats from Sam Edelman (I love to match colors when dressing myself. As Carmen said:”Fashion is fun “)


Adding colors is more fun than just only neutral colors, black and brown are boring so I try to have tops and pants in different colors to match with my colorful collection of flats, a view of my “small” collection of beloved flats and sandals (am I a shoeaholic? hihi)


By the way most of my flats and shoes comes from thrifty stores, gifts from relatives and friends and just 20% of them were bought full price or during the summer sales, I recycle and give a second life to these shoes, in my case if I don’t wear a pair of shoes I donate to my friends or to the people in need.

I love different colors in my shoes, I think I have 70 pairs lol…well as many women and some guys said: ” an extra pair is never enough” lol

And finally a very casual and simple look, GAP white polo shirt, denim capris and TB T travel brown flats, perfect for weekends:


Which is your favourite outfit while wearing denim capris? Thanks for visiting my blog , and have a nice summer!!




14 thoughts on “Denim capris & flats

  1. Hi Jeanette,

    Good question, I ‘d wear white capris, leather sandals and a short sleeve shirt or linen white pants, blue flats and a light blue shirt or linen beige shirt, white pants and tan flats or leather sandals. Hope one day I could travel there for holydays. Have a good day !!

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  2. I like your Capri outfits, great for running errands or any fun summer activity. I don’t wear capris much as I am quite short and I feel like they make me look shorter, so I’ve switched to shorts. Love your shoe collection! It’s fun seeing all the colors.

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    • Hi Nout,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Thanks for your comment. I am also short and small frame guy so getting clothes that I like and that fit is sometimes not easy, but thanks to my girl friends , they helped me to choose a pair of capris that would fit me and would be comfortable, ans at the same time could give me a nice look. It took us 3 months to find the style that suits me better. Yes I also love the different colors of my shoe collection. Have a nice day !



  3. Great look Ivan! Those denim capris look amazing on you. I like how you’ve rolled up the cuff to give them an added feminine look. I see women and girls all the time with their capris or skinny jeans with the cuffed rolled up and it looks amazing. No reason us guyz shouldn’t do that to our capris or skinny jeans! I like how many different looks you’ve created by changing your top or your flats, “Yes fashion is fun! (Carmen)”

    I agree with your saying about girls and some guys and their shoes – An extra pair is never enough!

    Great post Ivan, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Here’s a pictures of my cuffed skinny jeans.

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    • Hi Bri,

      Thanks for your kind comment ! Definitely women and men , we both can enjoy wearing rolled cuffs in our skinny jeans and capris !

      You look awesome with those skinny jeans while wearing them with those cute white minnie travel flats. About the saying I watched on and ad from a shoe store located in Wesmount , Montreal, they have new and second hand shoes from high designers (I usually buy there my minnies travel or MK flats at really good price). Maybe we have a different style out of the rules of the men fashion but I prefer to wear what I like and I feel comfty instead of conforming to the fashion rules dictated for few people.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day my friend !!


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  4. This a great blog you have established. I love your outfits you have put together. What a fabulous shoe collection you have accumulated…especially, the Sam Edelman Felicia ballet flats. I love wearing my black pair of Sam Edelman ballet flats with my Lululemon capris. My wife and I have matching capris. What really impresses me is that you wear clothing that makes you feel good/happy.

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    • Hi Pinkpanther,
      I am really glad that more men are enjoying a pair of ballet flats as their everyday shoes. Sam Edelman Felicia is also one of my favorite flats as they are not only cute but also really comfy. It’s wonderful that your wife supports you while wearing those nice capris along the SE flats, you’re a lucky man, I wish one day I will find a girlfriend that loves me and accepts me for who I am and what makes me happy such as my fashion style. Thanks for nice comment !

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      • I’ve loved capris all my life. They look great on both men and women. The length of pants (whether shorts, capris or long) are for anyone. We called them deck pants and pedal pushers in the ’60s. My brother had a cool white pair below the knees. Bermuda shorts were just above the knees and shorts (also called them cut-offs) were shorter than Bermudas.

        I don’t just support my husband wearing capris or accept him wearing them – lol – I encouraged him to wear them. We couldn’t find a denim pair for men, so I cut one of his jeans and made them into capris. 🙂

        He also has red capris, white and beige. He has slim black Bermudas (to the mid-knee).

        Have fun with fashion!

        ❤ carmen

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  5. I have many pairs of capris (though not as many as you have flats – lol – oh my! – what an impressive collection and so well organized!!) Denim capris are fantastic, as you have presented them here in your post. They are as versatile as … well, as jeans! Ha ha! Jeans are too hot in summer and capris are more dressy than shorts.

    Fashion is fun! I ought to know, I’ve been playing dress-ups since I was a child and I have never outgrown having fun with fashion! 🙂

    ❤ carmen

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  6. Hi Carmen,

    Thanks for your kind comments, you are right it’s hard to find nice denim capris for men, fortunately your husband can have nice capris with your help.In fact as I am really small frame I can wear easily ladies capris cause the men capris that I found weren’t on denim or were to baggy and I didn’t like them, thanks to my girl friends help I could find a pair that looks and feel great !

    I love capris cause I love movies from the 60’s specially Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, they inspired me some of my outfits for this post. I am a shoeaholic but I try to get my cute shoes at thrift stores I believe recycling clothes and shoes helps others and the planet for over consumation. And I try to have them organized in a good way to pick up my everyday choice easily.

    Have a nice day and definitely I am having fun with fashion !!


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  7. Hi Ivan, First I want to say I love your blog and I admire your ability to be you! I love your look with the jeans, polo and black flats! That’s always a great go to outfit for me on a “casual Friday” at work! As a fellow “shoe shopaholic” I love your shoe collection and again, “you can never game enough shoes” 🙂 Stay blessed and keep being YOU and stay beautiful inside and out! Much❤️

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    • Hi Krista,
      Thank you very much for your kind comment ! I really appreciated, cause in these times being ourselves is hard as our society loves to place labels to everybody and everything. I think I feel more happy wearing the clothes and shoes that I like and feel comfortable rather than following the flock. I love flats and ladies sandals cause I found them more beautiful and comfortable for my small feet. Definitely we never have enough shoes in our closet eevn that we only have two feet haha, well why not wear a different pair of shoes everyday to pamper our feet ! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and take care !!


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