Today’s outfit: Pink is fun for summer!

Hi everybody,

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I do. I finally found a pair of pink flats that are nice and comfty at the same time. I decided to paired with my white capris and polo in light blue color. The flats are from one of my favorite brands: Sam Edelman Felicia. I got them at a thrift store at a really good price. They have some scuffs but not really noticeable when wearing them. The shade of pink isn’t too flashy so I can wear them easily on public and just few persons (mostly ladies or men in their 60’s ) notice that I am wearing pink ballerinas

This are  my pink flats:


It’s a pastel color(baby pink) and it’s cute and discreet at the same time as my friend Sandy said. I can match them with any other color for summer.

And this how I love to wear them:


And as one of my favorite bloggers, Carmen, said:”Pink is fun and flamingo males are pink” I enjoy wearing them this summer and daring to wear other kind of colors is really fun.

Hope you like it. Please let me know what you think.

Have a nice day !!



11 thoughts on “Today’s outfit: Pink is fun for summer!

  1. I love your style! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the fall! Right now I’m thinking the Tory Burch in a gray or navy! Wonder what size you’d need in Tory flats?

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    • Thanks Jeanette for visiting my blog and for you kind words! I recently visit the Pretty Ballerinas store close my town:

      and there are 2 pairs of flats that caught my eye for fall. Maybe if I have enough bucks I will get a pair of Tieks flats:

      The Tory Burch Minnie travel flats are a wonderful choice cause they are dressy, cute and comfty. Grey and Navy are perfect colors for any occasion and also for summer and fall. I usually get a size 10 in my minnie travels and they fit great and the buttery leather molds to my feet quickly.

      Have a nice day !


  2. Hi Ivan, hope your Summer is going well. You look great in the Sam Edelman flats and capris. Great find on both items. Those SE Felicia flats are very popular with women and I know several guys that have a pair as well, you included. Pastel pink is a feminine colour but it’s also very discreet. A good friend of mine whose nickname is PinkPanther tried a bright pink pair of SE Felicia on during one our shopping trip. They just screamed feminine on him but they matched his nickname perfect. Sadly they were too big.

    Great look Ivan, I’m bet our friend Carmen would approve.

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    • Hi Bri,

      Thanks for visting my blog ! The Sam Edelman Felicia are very popular the other day I was trying a pair in color fuscia (very quite similar that Pinkpanther tried in the pic, by the way I love that color, pinkpanther’s feet look super cute wearing them!) at The Bay, and the sales associate a pretty Russian girl in her mid-20’s that spoke my first language, told me that the Felicias are not often on sale cause every season they are in high demand as they are comfortable as slippers (you should get a pair I am sure you will love them), and still affordable.

      That day I saw at least 3 ladies in Montreal wearing them with skinny jeans and leggings , I was wearing mine in color blue navy with shorts and I had nice chats with two of them, many ladies liked the fact that I have the courage of wearing ladies flats and as one of them told,: ” why not wear shoes that feel like slippers everyday, my husband has really problems with his man shoes all time and they are so ugly and chunky, I ‘d suggest to wear flat at home as slippers. Love you taste for shoes”.

      I hope our good friend Carmen would like this outfit, as capris worn along flats are so comfortble to wear for summer.

      Have a nice day my friend


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  3. Like it?? I LOVE it!! You look fantastic Ivan! This shade of pink is so neutral you can wear them with any colour, but white capris are perfect for summer! You’re in style and in comfort!

    How great you were able to find your flats at a thrift shop! I checked out Pretty Ballerinas and Tieks but they are out of my price range.

    “Ugly and chunky” – lol – describes most man shoes! Many look like clumsy clodhoppers! Brown and black is so boring if that’s all there is. Colours are so much more fun!

    Dare to be daring!! 🙂

    ❤ carmen

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    • Hi Carmen,
      Thanks for your wonderful words, you made my day !! Definitely I love this super comfortable capris along my pink ballerinas flats, as you said nothing better to be in style and feeling comfortable.

      Thrifty stores are really fun, it’s like hunting a treasure, I found sometimes really nice flats and sandals they’re half price or even 70% off from its original price as they are worn. Pretty Ballerinas has gorgeous ballet flats and even sneakers but despite I love the customer service from its manager, Ally, the prices are really high and I think three time before buying there. I had a pair from that company and honestly they lasted 3 or 4 years wearing them 3 times per week, so in the other hand they worth the money. Tieks flats look cute and comfty but if I can’t try them at the store I don’t want to risk my money. Sometimes it’s better a preowned pair of shoes cause they’re less expensive and stretch out when trying a new brand.

      Many ladies , you included, don’t like man shoes and me neither, honestly men shoes worn without socks really hurts a lot and you got blisters everywhere, and recently many dress sneakers from reputed companies have a very hard insoles that hurt my feet arches badly that I immediately swap top my flats or slides. I even got blisters wearing socks with a pair of men dress shoes from Rockport while wearing them on a wedding not good for long walking and dancing !! Better that some people smile or watch me in an odd way while wearing my comfy flats rather than hurt my feet

      Thanks for visiting and have a nice day


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  4. Hi Bri,

    I completely agree with you and Carmen, adding colors to my flats collection is really fun and we have more choices to match our flats with any outfits in our warderobe. I love how you match you cute pink flats with shorts and a polo shirt you look awesome !

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  5. Hi Ivan, if you’re like me you can’t wait for spring and warmer weather so we can start wearing our colourful new spring and summer flats. The past year I’ve invested in several flats. 4 of my 5 most recent pairs are all shades of pink. These are my latest new Retro Pink Minnie’s

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    • Hi Bri, I am like you waiting for spring and summer to wear and enjoy our flats !! Those retro pink TB minnies are super cute I bet you look awesome in them. I ‘ll put them in my wish list or maybe in my next purchase. Pink is a beautiful neutral color for everybody!!

      I recently got two pairs of Tieks flats in chestnut and black and they fit me great as they are pre-owned no need to break them in, just I enjoy them along my LLR leggings. I also got 2 pairs of Indian Khussa flats (the flats that have a cute embroidered at the toe area) and I will do a post soon about them.

      Have a nice day my friend



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