White Capris for summer !!

Hii everybody,

Finally I found , with the help of my girl friends, Jenna and Sandy (Thanks a lot for your help and patiente 😉  a pair of white capris that looks nice and fit great. It was hard to fin them cause some of them were too small or to long or not comfortable or the waist didn’t correspond to the real size or the rise too small, etc. But at the end a pair of Levis capris pants in my size arrived when looking for them at eBay. Fortunately I tried the same style on the store but found them less expensive online.

I love them because they are comfortable, they are more dressy than shorts and they look nice with any top and kind of shoes. They are not completely slim , unfortunately is hard to find them with a good fit but I love to wear them with my ballet flats cause I look slender an a little bit taller (well at 5’6″ you can’t do miracles unless I would wear heels haha, but even that I work in a open minded workplace, a man wearing heels is hard to being accepted, so maybe one of this days I will get a pair of square low heel pumps just to feel how life would be being taller haha at least flats are like wearing slippers and people doesn’t notice too much)

And here are some pics of me enjoying my capris with flats:

Polo shirt from Holister , white capris Levis 515 and Tory Burch minnie travel flats Laguna blue


This capris in neutral color are really easy to match with my favorites shirts and flats


My friends Jenna and Sandy love this combination of purple and white and for me this outfit is comfortable as wearing PJ’s and slippers


And this outfit was suggested by my friend Melanie and inspired in the movies from Brigitte Bardot from the 60’s where capris and ballerinas flats were the everyday fashion. Black T shirt, white capris and Sam Edelman Felicia bow patent ballerinas:


Red is one of my favorite colors for summer so I decided to matche a red polo from GAP with my beloved SE red ballerinas flats


This combination is very casual but super comfortable, I have three pairs of Camper Mary-Janes flats and I honestly recommended them to anyone that is looking for a very comfortable shoe, that goes well with anything


And finally wearing my capris with my TB Miller sandals on casual Fridays at the office, I love this sandals cause they are comfty and dressy and I think they are a better option than rubber flip flops


And these are my comfortable Camper sandals that match wonderful with my capris, nothing better that looking nice and being comfortable in summer


Let me know which outfit you like the most and why, or any comment or suggestion to add to my garde-robe. Thanks for visiting my blog  and have a nice day




14 thoughts on “White Capris for summer !!

  1. Oh my gosh Ivan, Carmen was 100% correct. White capris are a great look for you. Glad your friends Jenna and Sandy were able to help you out finding a pair that look amazing on you. I love the outfits you’ve showcased, perfect for any work or casual environment. I didn’t realize you are only 5′ 6″ tall, you seem taller in your pictures. I think heels might be something to consider. Of course you can never go wrong with flats either. Back to you capris! I’ve always said weather permitting, flats look better when they are not hidden by a pair of pants. That said, I love wearing my flats with shorts so there’s a unobstructed view of my cute flats and my shaved legs. (as seen in the picture below) Although capris hide a bit more of your leg your cute flats are not hidden at all. Seeing less leg creates a smaller gap between the fashion items you are wearing and portrays a much more feminine look. I love it!

    You hit it out of the park with this look Ivan, thanks for sharing.


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    • Hi Bri, Thanks for your kind comments, as you said Carmen has 100% reason, this white capris fit me perfectly and I love how versatile they are, they match wonderful with any top and kind of shoes, specially flats and sandals. Sometimes I wear Jenna’s square low heel pumps to be taller at the office and to know if I feel happy and confident wearing low heel pumps, flats are more discreet and comfortable option for us, guys, that we like to wear “ladies” shoes, but with heels even if they aren’t too high people remark you fast as soon as you walk with them, you know heels are sexy and cute but noisy hahaha !

      My boss is very open minded and she doesn’t care if I wear heels at the office or pink ballerinas (I will soon post a review of my new Sam Edelman pink flats that I got at a thrifty store) but on public or in the street it’d be an other story.

      But I am tempted with the idea and I spotted a pair of low square heels from Michael Kors that look discreet, but cute and dressy and also Jenna, Sandy and I , we are tempted to get a pair of Tieks flats, a second chance in my case, to see if we love or definitely we don’t love this brand.

      You look awesome wearing those super cute silver minnie travel flats along with your shorts, you look casual but with style at the same time and overall comfortable. I love how you match your flats with your man’s outfits.

      Thanks again for visiting my blog and have a nice day my friend,



  2. Hi Ivan! I’m considering a pair of Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet flats. Do you recommend ordering my typical size – 7.5 – or a size 7 (which also fits on occasion depending on brand but can be snug?) Thanks for your expertise and willingness to help. Congrats on finding the perfect white capris

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    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words! In my experience I’d recommend you to order your typical size 7.5 to be more comfortable and leaving a small gap between you big toe and the tip of the flats. They stretch out in the width a little bit but not too much in the length. I can wear them in size 9.5 but the fit is a little bit tight and honestly I prefer to have a little room for my toes and sometimes when I add fabric insoles when I plan to walk a lot or to keep clean the insoles of my flats. Hope it helps and I wish you find the cute flats comfortable.
      Have a nice day



  3. Your white capris are just right Ivan, you look very dressy! Goes with everything and timeless! They will never go out of style, like shorts and long pants never go out of style either.


    ❤ carmen

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    • Thanks for your kind words Carmen, I love how versatile capris are, I can match the with any top and kind of shoes specially flats and sandals an the look great and I am really comfortable as you said they are timeless !!

      Have a wonderful day !!


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  4. I will second your recommendation of the Campers Nina Mary Jane ballet flats. They are the most comfortable ballet flats that I have ever worn…just ahead of the SE Felicia. They are great with skinny jeans, capris and shorts. Well worth the money. Love your blog!! 🙂


    • Hi Pinkpanther,
      I am happy that you love my blog 🙂 I totally agree my three pairs of Campers nina right flats are my first choice when I travel or I will walk a lot, I love to wear them with my slim jeans or capris and honestly they worth any penny and I always recommend them to everyone who’s looking for comfty shoes that lasts.
      Have a nice day !!


      • Hi Ivan, I’ve heard both you and PinkPanther mention the comfort level of your Nina Camper flats so I started looking into them. WOW, the reviews are good. Comfort beyond comfort and cuteness beyond cuteness. I’m sure you both already knew that 🙂

        Perhaps someday I’ll get a pair but until I do I have a collection of Tory’s I can wear.

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  5. I too love my white crops/ capris! I’m super fair so white tops wash me out horribly so enjoy being able to wear white on the bottom, though I currently have some stains on mine giving me quite the fight…grrr. I just discovered your blog by way of a comment you left on someone else’s Tieks review, & am so glad your link caught my eye! I have very much enjoyed what I’ve had the chance to read/ look at thus far & look foward to checking out more! If you ever want to experiment w/ gaining an inch or two w/out venturing into heels, you could consider “invisible heels”, which are essentially inserts/ lifts for inside most styles of shoes ; they come in several sizes/ heights, & only the shortest are wearable in flats, but I’ve heard good things about them & am planning on giving them a try myself come fall/winter (unless I’m working out I’m a sandals-only gal in summer). I’m linking their own website but have seen them sold many other places online, as well as in-store & ULTA. Hope you’re staying cool & enjoying your summer!


    • Hi Mel,
      Thanks foe visiting my blog, I am glad you like my blog and photos. Definitely I will try the invisible heels in my flats, thanks for the link, and I plan to publish some news shoes that I got at a new thrift store that opened recently in my town along my white and denim capris. Have a nice summer too!


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