Happy Canada Day !!


Hi everybody !!

Today is Canada’s Day, we have a long weekend to celebrate our wonderful country, as immigrant and now citizen, I am very proud to belong to this great nation that promotes respect to other cultures, the environment , the diversity and the integration of everyone in the Canadian society no matters your background. It was harder to adapt myself at the beginning mostly the weather and the language (French is not common in many parts of the world), but fortunately with English I can survive almost everywhere. Now I still trying to adapt better to my new country but it takes long time to do it, so I will be patience. I thank to all the Canadian people that in one or other way has helped me to success in Canada: teachers, friends, girl friends, co=workers, sales associates, bloggers friends, peers at my yoga, TRX and dance class !

And this is my outfit to celebrate Canada’s day:


Something comfortable and nice to wear for a sunny summery day : polo from Gap, white pants from Old Navy and red ballet flats from Tory Burch that I found at eBay a really good price.

I wish you a wonderful Canada’s Day and nice long weekend !!



8 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day !!

  1. Happy Canada Day Ivan. I am proud to be Canadian everyday of the year but today July 1st is when we wear the colours of our flag on ourselves. Great outfit and thanks for sharing your patriotism.


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    • Thanks for visiting my blog Bri, Today I also wear our flag colors proudly! Love your outfit and those super beautiful flats. Have a great Canada Day and long weekend

      Your friend Ivan !

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  2. Hi Ivan, I like your first photo how you lined up your flats in red, white and red, and that you are holding the Canadian flag in your photo. You and Bri both look fabulous in your red flats. I wore my red and white on Canada Day too!

    And here we are with another long weekend! I love long weekends! Next one is Labour Day! OH NO!!

    Happy long weekend!

    ❤ carmen

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    • Hi Carmen,

      You look beautiful in that red & white dress along your red heels and perfect for Canada’s day !
      I love long weekends and holydays and it’s funny cause I am in holydays and I am also thinking and planning what to do on the labor day weekend lol.

      Have a happy long weekend !!


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  3. Hii Carmen,

    I also tried a pair of red wedges last month.They were comfty at the beginning but after few hours started to rub badly my heels, I got blisters so I returned them, more luck for the next time.But honestly ladies shoes are fun, huge range of styles and colors and most of them easy to slip on and off, and light to wear. Have a nice day !!

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