Tory Burch Sandals review

Hii everybody,

Summer finally has arrived. As you know I am a fan of ballet flats and after this kind of shoes my second favorite shoes are sandals and mules. Shoes that look nice, are comfty and easy to slip on/off. So it’s time to wear nice, dressy, comfortable sandals. I found some Tory Burch sandals at eBay and thrift stores and I want to share my  honest review despite I love how they look on my feet not all of them are comfortable to wear them all day long.

My first pair is this black cute slides that I found awesome but unfortunately they were not comfortable enough for long walking, for me a shoe must have look, comfort, durability and price. This ones had a good price cause they were 70% off, look really nice on my feet, durability (the thick sole) but really uncomfortable when walking they hurt the top of my feet badly so I returned them in exchange for other shoes or as credit for next purchase. I loved how they matched my clothes and the almost unisex look but not comfy, my friend Jenna also found them not comfty, here are the pics:

The slides:


and the outfit that I wore for at summer party at Sandy’s home, fortunately I didn’t walk a lot with them and when dancing Jenna lent me a pair of her battered flats to avoid blisters when wearing the slides:


Next sandals were the Tory Burch Moore sandals these sandals had the look were comfortable , price was great as I bought in a thrift store but in my case not durable, the strap between the toes didn’t last too much and the sole started to separate from the sole. As the sole was made of smooth leather my feet tended to slip off easily from my  sandals. Even my friend Sandy had some small accidents when wearing them, and finally the strap of one of my sandals broke and the cobbler couldn’t repair them so sadly the aren’t anymore in my closet 😦

Here are the cute sandals:


and here is how I wore them:


But the TB sandals that I love to wear that are comfy, cute and has lasted are the Thoras flip flops and the Miller sandals.

The Thora sandals are really comfortable and they are a nice option to rubber flip flops for summer. They look more chic for any occasion and I can wear with jeans, capris and shorts, I got them at eBay for $50 so I saved a lot on them:


and this one of my favorite outfit when wearing them:


The Miller sandals: I need some time to get accustomed to them and a little bit of break in because the logo on the top of the feet can bother at the beginning, but after that I found them really beautiful and original. I had to bought them half size larger to be more comfortable. Here are the sandals:


I have them in white I got them at a thrift store and I show you two outfits that I wear them usually:

With white pants


and with slim shorts Levis 511 (this is my today’s outfit)


Conclusion: I recommend to try any Tory Burch sandals at the store and them google them to find better prices. Thora and Miller are really comfortable and pretty sandals for summer that go well with any outfit during the day and even the evening. I can walk with them 6 + hours without pain. I hope this review would be helpful and have a nice summer fresh and comfy

Have a nice day





5 thoughts on “Tory Burch Sandals review

  1. Hi Ivan, YaY for Summer and YaY for sandal season. I too prefer to wear flats more than sandals but on warmer days sandals are a better option. Since you and I (and thousands of women) are fans of Tory burch flats, it only seems fitting that we also like Tory sandals. Sorry to hear the Tory slides and Moore sandals didn’t work out for you. You’ve picked a couple of proven winners with the Thora and Miller sandals. I’ve read a lot of reviews about the Millers and women say the same thing, the Tory logo sometimes hurts the top of their foot. It’s no surprise that men sometimes experience the same thing. I’ve been lucky, all 8 pairs of my Millers are very comfy. Much like Tory flats, the Millers also have iconic status. While walking around the Scottsdale Fashion Square this Spring I spotted about 45 women in the span of a couple hours wearing Millers. For me (and thousands of women) I like the Millers because they can be worn as a dressy sandal or a casual sandal and still look feminine. I’ve yet to try the Thora sandals but I do like that style.

    Great post and enjoy the Summer weather.

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  2. Hi Bri,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! definitely I prefer flats too cause they protect more my feet while being comfortable and wearing light shoes that feel like slippers, but the only exceptions when I wear sandals is in the hot days of summer. But the Millers as you said are a elegant sandals for any occasion. I will post an other blog about my almost unisex and most comfortable sandals that I wear when I don’t want to overuse my Millers or when I need to walk a lot in sandals. Yay for Summer and Yay for sandals !

    Have a nice day my TB Twin friend !


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  3. What a fantastic summer wardrobe you have Ivan! You two are the best dressed guys!!

    I love wearing sandals (except in the snow!). Most thong-type sandals hurt between my toes but you and Brian look great in them.

    Shoes are not worth it if they hurt your feet!


    ❤ carmen

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  4. Hi Carmen,

    Thanks for those nice words about my summer wardrobe !! I try to wear what I like and what I feel comfortable despite most of my shoes are classified for “ladies” but as you well said if the shoes hurts they are not worthy and in my case flats and slides are my favorite footwear for spring, summer and fall and in winter but indoors ( flats aren’t good in the snow brrr!!).

    I agree with you I don’t wear very often my thong-style sandals cause after some hours they start also hurt between my toes. I have 2 pairs of these styles that honestly are the only wants that I can wear 8 hours one is from the brand Sanuk (super comfty and affordable) and the other one is brand Reef . I will write a review of my most comfortable sandals and slides soon as I tested them this summer a lot and I can recommend to anyone.

    Have a wonderful summery day !!



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