Holyday outfits:St Jean’s Day

Today in Quebec, people celebrates the St Jean’s day. That means we hava a long weekend ahead with warn sunny weather. So I decided to wear the colors of the province’s flag to celebrate and have fun with them (blue and white):


And yesterday this was my evening outfit for shopping and trying some comfty flats at payless, very casual outfit nothing complicated:


Aren’t flats so fun to wear and practical? I can try many other flats and sandals without hassle and enjoy  them right away the box, and fortunately I can find flats in my size easily. The flats that I am wearing are from Lower East Coast and they are made of mesh very comfortable and fresh for summer. I promise more pics at the shoe stores that I love to try and shop my shoes.

Have a nice day




4 thoughts on “Holyday outfits:St Jean’s Day

  1. Hope you had a happy St Jean Day. Love your flats. Payless and self serve places like that are a hassle free way to shop if your nervous about having someone help you. Of course the pampering I get at the TB boutique makes me prefer that way of shopping more.

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  2. Hii Bri,

    Payless is a good place to try many pair of different kind of flats without the hassle of asking for them to the sales ladies. But as you say , the TB service in some of their stores is awesome and you feel important as a client and happy to purchase there, specially if the sales ladies are friendly and open minded such as my former SA at Mochico, Marie and Martina. I had a really nice customer-SA relationship without judgement and friendly and having fun when buying my flats with them. Unfortunately the chain of shoe stores has closed recently and I lost contact with both of them. Maybe I will visit if I can the TB store at Sherways Gardens to get some flats in person with my SA. Better in person rather than phone.

    Have a nice day my friend!



    • Hi Carmen,

      I received may compliments during the parade of St Jeans in Montreal, I was very comfortable with this outfit, like wearing PJ’s and slippers !!

      Have nice day and thanks for your kind words !!

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