Summer, outfits and flats

Hiii everybody,

I will show you some outfits that I wore the last week while enjoying of beautiful and warm sunny days, nothing better to wear nice clothes and shoes. I wore this white pants along my grey polo shirt and silver flats very casual but really comfy:


The more I wear flats the more I love them is like wearing slippers all the time hihi, and this are other casual outfit that I wore with  my new TB travel flats in brown that I got on sale: less than 100 bucks for this beauties! yes, I know brown is quite neutral and boring but I couldn’t find on sale other colors that I liked and in my size, and taking in count that I bought them by internet, my budget, and with the pics that my SA sent me of what TB outlet had on sale on my size the options were a little bit limited 😉 I think I did a good choice and as usual these flats are super comfy and cute:


And these are some of my past week outfits, this one I wore my flats with capris from Old Navy, I love how they fit me, yes they are feminine but being feminine shows to other people how confident you are of your own masculinity to wear what you like and thinking about it our mothers are women and they are  or were feminine so nothing wrong with that in my humble opinion:


I am trying to get same style of capris but in white, wish me luck !

As I love the comfort of these flats, I wore them with skinny jeans, a good suggestion of my friends Jenna and Sandy to take advantage of the many options how we can wear flats:


And my today’s outfit and just relaxing at home, skinny jeans, a polo shirt and flats:


Hoping the good weather while return back next weekend I wish you a nice week







6 thoughts on “Summer, outfits and flats

  1. I LOVE the cut of those brown flats! I’m looking for some simple but elegant flats to take with me when I travel and I’m wondering if you could tell me the name of the style? I’d love to see if I could find them online, even in a different color. Thank you!

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  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for vising my blog. The brown flats are from Tory Burch, the model is travel flats royal tan style no. 18168200. You can find them at your closest Tory Burch outlet or you can call them to see if the still have it, cause they are discontinued. I have this comfty flats in other 3 colors, black patent, wine patent and snake print and they look and feel great.Price is around $ 150 at the outlet or sometimes less. Hope it helps and you can find and enjoy them.

    Have a nice day


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    • Thank you! I really appreciate it. I don’t think there is an outlet near me, but maybe I’ll get lucky and find a pair on eBay. In the meantime, I just bought a couple pairs of these, last night, in black and nude: I figured they had a similar enough silhouette and they look so classic and simple. And if they aren’t comfy, oh well ,they were pretty cheap anyway.

      Anyway, thanks again!

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      • Hi Tamara,

        You made a good choice I have the Lucky brand emmie flats in black color and they are really comfty, they have good cushion at the insoles and the look great with any outfit. Just beware cause the insole is made of synthetic so my feet tends to sweat when wearing them all day long. If not Vince Camuto Ellen is also a good option.

        You can get a TB travel flat at good price at poshmark, etsy, lyst or eBay. Have a nice day and you are always welcome !



  3. Your jean capris are fantastic Ivan! You look very European. A white pair will also be good to have. Whether dressed up in your white pants or relaxing on your sofa in your slim jeans, you look great!

    ❤ carmen

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    • Thank you Carmen for your nice comment. I love those capris I guess they are discontinued at Old Navy, I should go visit the store to see if they still have some in sold or back store, and that outfit has received some compliments at my office as relaxed, cute, and cool. And I never go wrong matching my outfits with a pair of comfy flats, Flats are fun !

      Have a nice day


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