Pink is fun

Hi everyone !

I’ ve been very busy to post, but here I am to share the only pair of pink flats that I have . Pink is always associate with women and girls but colors don’t have gender as same for clothes and shoes.

My good friend Brian has a pair of beautiful cute pink patent flats from TB that look awesome on him so why not to wear my own pink flats from time to time and along with a nice story from one of my fav bloggers, Carmen, both facts inspired me to write this brief blog.

This is the short story of Carmen with her son, when he was a child:” My oldest son’s favourite colour as a child was pink. He picked out a pink striped shirt at age 5, happily wore it until the kids laughed and said it’s a girl’s colour. I told him that boy flamingos are pink, male flamingos are PINK (just as pink as their female friends),  and that colours are for everyone.”

I love that short story, simple but with a nice thought indeed.  Well this are my baby pink ballet flats from Top Shop (the color is between tan and pink), these flats should  be worn mostly indoors, the manufacturer also advices in the label , the construction of the shoes is more likely as ballet slippers so I don’t recommend to wear them on the street because they don’t have any support or heel, I wear them mostly as slippers in the office or at friends parties, or at home, but honestly  they look nice on my feet:


And this is a random outfit that I chose to wear them the other day:


And my obvious expression in the pic is “Yes, everybody can wear pink or any color or flats or whatever that makes you happy”. And life is too short to not enjoy outfit that make us happy so let’s get have fun with the fashion


Here are some pics of how pink color could wonderful with many outfits, here my ballerina pink Tieks:


more casual


and here enjoying my fuchsia flats:


Have a nice pink day !



11 thoughts on “Pink is fun

  1. Hi Ivan.

    Those are very encouraging words from our friend Carmen and they are also very true. Colours don’t have genders, they only have stereotypes associated with either gender. Peoples attitudes are slowly changes concerning these stereotypes partly thanks to you. I’m sure there’s lots of guys that love the colour pink but are afraid to wear it because of what society thinks. You sharing your pink flats will certainly help others.

    Great pictures of your outfits and pink flats, you look very chic.

    Thanks for your kind words about my magenta pink patent Tory’s.

    Have a great day


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    • Hi Bri,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind and encouraging words. You are totally right about stereotypes related with gender and personal tastes in fashion. I hope our efforts will help other people to wear what they like. Finally I can’t to enjoy those cute pink flats, it’s a shame that Eddies flats are discontinued. Maybe the TB vermillon minnie travels flats would be my next purchase or the light oat color. Have a nice day !

      Your friend



  2. In the 1800s pink was the color for boys and blue was the color for girls. It was thought that pink was a more masculine color. Happily, today colors can be gender neutral. I enjoy your posts – so glad I found your blog.

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  3. Thank you for including my story Ivan! I believe more men and boys like pink than is confessed. It is a happy colour, but because of stereotype (as Brian mentioned) and some people’s critical, negative views they are afraid to wear pink.

    Your shade of pink flats are totally neutral so you can wear them with any colour pants/capris/shorts.

    Fashion is fun for girls and boys!! (and men and women lol)

    ❤ carmen

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    • Hi Carmen,

      I really love that nice story with a good lesson from everybody. Many of my males friends would like to wear pink t-shirts and even try some ballet flats, and they are married men, but they are afraid of what people would say even that some of their wives supports them to try different colors and patterns in their outfits.

      Definitely my pink slippers can be worn with any outfit and they are also great for dance lessons.
      I totally agree with you fashion is fun for everybody !!

      Have a nice day and thanks for your kind comment!


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    • Carmen, you are right. I too believe there are lots of boys or men that secretly like the colour pink. I also believe there are lots of boys or men that secretly would love to carry a purse or wear a cute pair of flats. (or anything else usually associated as being for women) I hope these boys or men find the freedom within to express the fashion they desire.

      Yes Carmen you are right, “Fashion is fun and pink is for everyone.”

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      • Love those really cute flats on you, super cute, they look wonderful on you Bri, (are they from Tory Burch)honestly everyone can wear flats and pink color, fashion, clothes, shoes and fun are for everybody, Carmen is right Fashion is fun and pink is for everyone, I added some pics at the update of this post while wearing some Tieks in fuchsia dn ballerina pink , very cute and versatile color for all the people. Have a nice day my friend !!

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  4. Hi Ivan. Now that Summer is officially here, now would also be a great for you to show off your white capris with pink flats look. I hope you and your girlfriends were able to find the perfect pair of capris for you? If you’re in the market for a pair of pink Tory flats that pop with colour check out these ones on the TB website


    These are still in the pre-order stage on the Saks website.


    Bother colours are gorgeous

    Last week I picked up a pair of pink Tory flats for myself. They are quite different from my patent magenta pink pair. Instead these are a soft feminine shade of pink with a cute Tory medallion on the toe. They have a bit of a POP factor to them cuz of the pink patent toe cap.

    Have a great day Ivan

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