Green color outfits for summer !

Hi my friends,

As the good weather starts to arrive, hopefully, I keep always a positive attitude, I started to wear my new green yoga jeans that bought discounted at one of my SA friend’s store, she suggested to me that brand , I tried them, and that honestly fit me great. As I am really small frame guy and pants in waist 30 or 31 are hard to find or the style and/or color are not from my taste, these “ladies” jeans fit me as well as my Levi’s ones. I can feel the good quality of the fabrics and they are really comfortable and they are designed and I guess made in Canada so you can feel the difference while contributing in one manner to keep jobs in our country.

Green is a very versatile color specially the olive one , these is one outfit that my friend Jenna called in a nice way my “Peter pants outfit ” hahaha She really has a nice sense of humor that I love. This out fit is monochromatic but it’s fun when you don’t want to use a lot your imagination or you are in rush to match clothes:


I paired my jeans with a green polo from Chaps and my flats from Banana Republic. Then I discovered that a white polo with this jeans worn along my new TB snake print flats (by the way the snake print is fake not real snake skin, so “no snakes were hurt while manufacturing these flats” haha) that I got at 60% off at TB outlet. A relaxed and comfty outfit for evenings or summer weekends, first these are my nice flats:


Second my outfit:


My green jeans can get along also with a beige shirt and my camel color flats from Frye (I suggest to purchase them at eBay to save money and order them half size down as the soft leather stretch out a lot), and here is how all the clothes and shoes together look on me:


This flats remained me Jean a cool blogger from Jean of all trades, because in my case when I wear them people think that I am walking barefoot as the color of the flats matches with my feet skin color or as in the picture with the floor’s color.

I not only love flats but also sandals so I got this sandals at the same store where I bought my jeans at 50% off , they fit me and feel great on my feet and thanks to the cool SA help the sandals matches great with my jeans, these are my sandals from Rudsak:


Sorry my feet isn’t very beautiful but in warm weather I need footwear that look nice and let breathe my feet, Jeanna and Valery , my friends will bring me to get pedicure one of these day, men, we need to learn how to take care more of our hands and feet from time to time or specially in summer. And this is how I love to wear them:


And finally same outfit but wearing my TB Moore sandals that I swapped with my friend Sandy, they were a little bit big for her so she gave them to me in exchange for a pair of TB Caroline flats that was quite tight for my toes. These are the sandals:101_2951

Her lost was my gain hihi. I love how they look in my feet specially with shorts, I can wait for hot summer in the next two  months. And I wear them with my green jeans in this way:


My surprise face is funny cause my friend Cindy was taking the pics and she didn’t tell me how fast move to the spot to get the pic haha

And this is the way that I enjoy my new pants, matching them with my guy clothes and my favorites shoes, flats and sandals.

Have a nice day !






4 thoughts on “Green color outfits for summer !

  1. Great post and great new items added to your collection. Love the colour of those “Peter Pan Pants” and if they fit and feel comfy, that’s a bonus. They look great

    Love the Roccia snake print flats, looks like we’re twins again 🙂 Sad to hear your Caroline flats didn’t work for you but glad to could make a trade with your friend for the Moore sandals. Haha, looks like we’re twins again, I have the Moore’s in black.

    Thanks for sharing all your great new looks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi my TB Twin Bri,
      Thanks for stepping by in my blog! Yes it’s sad that my Carolines flats didn’t work for me but my girl friend is enjoying them, that’s the fun to swap flats with my friends that we wear same shoe size, we don’t lose money and someone in my friend circle can enjoy them, same for me as I love Moore sandals, I love yours in black but they are discontinued as I asked my TB SA at Vancouver, same for the snake print flats 😦 You can still find them at the TB Outlet in Milton Ontario at 40 % off.

      Definitely we are very often TB twins thanks to you my feet and myself we can enjoy elegant comfy flats all the time.The peter pants are really comfortable an advantage of being small haha and fit in any genders clothes 😉 Have a nice day my friend !


    • Thanks Nout for visiting my blog! I must give the credit of this nice combination to my store manager at the mall in my town. She is really nice and she helped me to match my jeans and she chose the green sandals for me. Then I improvised with different tops and my snake flats and I got these cool combinations. As you said I also love my TB collection of flats and sandals, cause they are elegant, cute and comfty whatelse I can ask for shoes. Have a nice day !


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