The Guy in Blue part 2


This nice painting by Thomas Gainsborough inspired me to write a second part of my blue collection, so I share with you a second part of my outfit in this beautiful color from top to toes, and match other outfits with blue flats .Let’s start with my aqua color ballerinas from London Sole very cute and comfty:


I love the color and comfort of this flats for summer the sole is a little bit stiff but these flats are well made not for long walking but to be comfty for 6 hrs on your feet they show toe cleavage , I am not a big fan of toe cleavage but this is one of the few exceptions in my shoe collection


Next is a new addition to my collection of blue flats, a gift from my good friend Jenna, they are super comfortable; the brand is BM Bernie and with this flats you can walk all day long the insoles are cushioned and made of leather so no sweaty feet woo hoo !


No toe cleavage, and perfect for everyday shoes and match great with any outfit, color is blue jeans !


Capris and flats are a perfect combination for summer again my super comfy TB minnie travel flats in action!


With Navy blue Sam Edelman Felicia flats, any outfit is easy to match, these flats are like wearing bedroom slippers super soft leather, if you plan to walk a lot with them you could add an extra fabric insole to add comfort , otherwise very comfortable for working on your feet all day long!


And this is how I wear them:


And this the SE Felicia flats in other shade of blue, called electric blue


I wear them for casual Friday with a nice sweater


Others outfits where I match blue flats with shirts and light colored pants, I love to wear from time to time slim jeans and flats


or with Khakis


I hope you like these outfits cause I always have fun when matching my garments and shoes everyday !as Carmen said.”Fashion is fun” 🙂

Let me know which are you favorite outfit from my blue collection

Have nice day with a blue sky !


6 thoughts on “The Guy in Blue part 2

  1. You have a great collection of blue flats Ivan! The first time I heard “toe cleavage” I thought it was funny. I prefer no cleavage too. The colour is really beautiful though. You have done an excellent job with matching and making each outfit look polished.

    Fashion is fun!

    ❤ carmen

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    • Thanks Carmen for stepping by in blog ! Blue is an easy to match color that is the reason that I have a small collection of flats in this nice color. You inspired me some outfit, I adapted what I have in my wardrobe with some ideas from your blog and then the fun started while matching my clothes with my flats. I heard the term “toe cleavage” from my sales associate she’s and expert in shoes specially flats and sandals , a funny word and from time to time specially in summer and for evenings I prefer my low cut flats. Have a nice day and of course Fashion is super fun !!


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  2. Hi Ivan.

    First let me say you have a great collection of blue flats. Different tones and shades of blue as well as different shapes and styles, a collection any women or man would love to have. I love how you’re paired them to fit your own personal style. We both live in a climate where it’s not warm enough to wear shorts all the time but even with pants your flats look awesome. Pants can sometimes hide to much of your flats, that’s why I prefer to wear my flats with shorts.

    Have a great day Ivan

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  3. Thanks Bri for visiting my blog, I love my small collection of blue flats. This color is so easy to match and I love to wear different shapes of ballerinas to enjoy my days comfortable and with fresh feet. Shorts and flats are a wonderful choice to be really super comfortable, I don’t know you but for me the feeling is like wearing PJs and bedroom slippers in the few warm months that we have in Canada. I prefer my flats with pants in fall and indoors in winter or at my job cause I can’t wear shorts the except some summer days that we are allowed to wear flip flops , sandals and shorts. Definitely I am considering to get a pair of ivory or chicory blue TB travels flats after watching your pics 🙂
    Have a nice day Bri !


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