Birthday’s outfits: silver and gold flats

Today is my birthday and inspired by my good friend Brian, I decided two outfits for this special day in my life, wearing my silver and gold bow flats from Sam Edelman. I love to break the monotony of colors and silver and gold make any outfit  stand out !

As you know I love this brand because the buttery leather of their flats mould to my feet like gloves, they have a cushioned insole , the elastic doesn’t bother my feet and the price is still affordable. So here are the flats:

The gold ones


and the silver flats


And this is the outfit for lunch with my friends , a nice beige sweater, brown capris pants and gold flats.


And this the outfit for the evening diner with family and close friends, a grey stripped sweater, black jeans and silver flats


And the  polo shirt that I wear under my sweaters


Funny to see that I have the same pose in the two last pictures and I didn’t use photoshop 🙂

Hope you like these outfits and have a nice day !!


8 thoughts on “Birthday’s outfits: silver and gold flats

  1. Happy birthday Ivan. Glad you had some nice lunch and dinner dates. It’s great to see how you paired these special birthday coloured flats with your outfit. So glad I inspired you. I just wish we could have celabrated you birthday together in our match gold flats.

    You look fabulous as always

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    • Thanks you very much for you nice wishes. I had a nice day full of surprises at my family’s home, it was a good choice to wear the silver ballerinas cause we danced a lot all my cousins, girl friends and nieces danced at least 3 or 4 tunes with me. And definitely you always have an inspiring outfit that provide me nice ideas how to match my flats with my clothes and of course it would be great to celebrate my birthday while wearing our beautiful gold flats ! Have a nice day !


    • Thanks you very much Nout for you kind wishes! I had a wonderful day while wearing this comfy flats. At first they flash a little bit when wearing them on public but the effect of the grey sweater or the grey polo shirts makes the outfit, in general, less flashy but nice at the same time. Thanks for your nice thoughts and words. Have nice week !!



  2. Happy birthday to you ♫
    Happy birthday to you ♫
    Happy birthday dear Ivan ♫
    Happy birthday to you ♫

    Both pairs look great and it’s good to have one pair in gold and one pair in silver. Although metallics are pretty neutral, I think gold goes better with brown and beige, and silver goes better with gray tones.

    Have a wonderful week!

    ❤ carmen

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    • Thank you very much for the song it made my day 😀 you have reason it’s good to have one pair of gold and silver in our flats collection, as you said they are neutral colors I also found that gold combines better with beige, brown, navy and white and silver with black, grey, denim jeans and light blue jeans. Thanks for your nice comment and have a wonderful week !


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