The Guy in Blue part 1

Good morning everybody !

Blue is one of my favorite colors. I have shirts, polo shirts, jeans, capris, shorts and flats in this wonderful color. As I have many outfit combinations I decided to divide this blog in 2 or maybe 3 parts. Blue is a beautiful color for both genders and very easy to match with any clothes and shoes. Lets start with three different shades of blue:


I love this sweater because is really cozy and warm for any season along with denim jeans and these cute TB minnie travels flats that I got at 70% off !! It was my TB SA that told me about the flats sales and which color would suit me nice for summer, so I purchased them and I love the shade of blue. I was lucky to find the famous color laguna blue because it is discontinued and I did not like the jelly blue color, it’s too flashy in my opinion and hard to match easily.



And these combination was a lucky coincidence because I have same shade of blue in one of my shirts,Β  here I am wearing this flats with same color of shirt and beige capris, as Carmen (one of my fav bloggers), I also prefer more capris than shorts, I feel more comfortable in them rather than shorts that are too short (maybe cause my legs are a little bit slim or not tanned enough lol πŸ™‚


But as I don’t like shorts too shorts or baggy, I got this slim white shorts that I like more:


And as I don’tΒ want that all these pictures look too monochromatic in the second part I will show you other outfits and shades of blue that I love to mix, for the moment a quick view of my flats’ collection in blue:


Pick the pair that you like the most and I will show you how I match them in the second part of this blog. I also have a pair of mary jeans in blue so I promise to show them in the 3rd part. Tell me which outfit you like the most. Thanks for your visit and comments

Have a nice dayΒ  !






14 thoughts on “The Guy in Blue part 1

  1. Great post! I think everyone has a favourite colour. It’s often easy to tell what a persons favourite colour is by the colour of their car or the colour of their most worn clothes. You look great in blue. Whether it be your blue sweaters or tops, your blue or denim pants or those adorable blue flats it’s a colour that look great on you. The fact your making a part 2 and hopefully part 3 to this topic also confirms blue is a favourite. As for my favourite pair of your blue flats? Hands down its the Laguna blue Tory’s. Other than my collection of black flats, my collection of blue flats is the second largest.

    Love the blue on you but please don’t neglect all the other fabulous coloured flats you have.

    Have a great day 😊

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    • Hi Bri,
      Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚ Yes blue is one of my favorites along with beige, grey and burgundy. But I also love red and olive green in my clothes and flats. The most predominant color in my flats collection is black and then light brown and after that blue. You inspired me to show my silver and golden flats that I have, and definitely I won’t neglect my other flats in other colors, right now I am wearing my TB minnie travel patent leather burgundy flats without logo and honestly I love all my flats no matter which brand or color they are so beautiful and comfy that they always make happy my feet and myself while wearing them. I will post the part 2 maybe in summer with other outfit that I have in mind and I hope you and other readers will appreciate as much as I do.

      Have a nice day and I love those TB light blue flats they match great with your shirt !

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      • I can’t wait to see the outfits you create and the flats you pair with them in part 2 and 3. The Laguna blue flats are a great colour, I know women are drawn to this colour. Of course I know there’s at least two guy that have them too. You and me.

        Tory recently release the Minnie’s in a Chicory blue. It is the most amazing soft feminine baby blue colour. I’m serious wanting a pair.

        Have a great day my friend

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  2. Wow, you look great in your new TB minnie πŸ™‚
    All 3 outfits are great, but the last one is just perfection, so summery.
    May I ask where is this sale? I am a Canadian from Vancouver, so I somewhat harder for me to buy TB.
    PS: I like you very honest opinion about flats.
    Canuck flats enthusiast

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    • Hi Andrea,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I bought my TB blue flats at TB oulet located at Milton Ontario, you can get almos 50% off in many models from the past seasons, if not eBay is a great source to get TB flats and sandals with really good prices. Well I am a fan of flats cause for me ballet flats are slippers and I love to wear slippers barefoot everyday (well except in winter and when is cold πŸ˜‰ but it takes time to know which brand(s)of flats are comfortable for our feet because every feet is different, but honestly flats are cute shoes that are great for any occasion and if we don’t walk miles on them they are quite comfy. The fun to find the right brand(s) is to try many sort flats to know which are the good ones. By the way maybe in the future I will consider to move to Vancouver, love the nature there and people seems friendly and more open minded! Have a nice day !
      Have a nice day !


      • Hi Ivan,
        Thank you for letting me know, I will call them, at the Toronto outlet to see what they have in stock and if they will ship to Vancouver. I agree that one has to try many brands of flats until one finds the most comfortable ones. After reading your posts I purchased my first pair of TB flats on ebay: Eddie bow flats. I wear a 6.5 wide or double wide, and I got a 7.5 size in these flats and they were made for me πŸ™‚ Well… after a week of wearing them inside with two pairs of socks.
        Vancouver is a great city and I am pretty sure you will enjoy it here. Vancouver is a hub for culture, dining out and outdoor activities with people with various backgrounds and interests, but very kind and easy going. I guess it is the western side culture. By the way, I was born in Hungary, moved to Edmonton and ended up in Vancouver.
        This past winter I mostly wore my Crocs flats, it did not snow, it was just rainy. If somebody is interested, as I said, I wear a solid 6.5 wide or sometimes double wide, and i got the Crocs Mammoth flats in 7, and they are the most comfortable shoes I ever had.
        It will be great and less stressful if you can find a job in Vancouver prior to your move. Not sure what your field is, but the job market is not hot. On the bright side, you will get more days to wear flats πŸ™‚

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      • Hi Andrea,
        I am really glad that you get your first pair of TB Eddie flats they are comfy and they feel like slippers, I also have a pair of Crocs Kadee flats that I love to wear in summer barefoot and when I know that I will walk miles, however they run large I usually wear ladies US shoe size 9.5 or 10 but with crocs I wear 9W cause 10 was big on my feet and honestly for the price and comfort despite they are quite bulky hihi they worth any penny .

        Thanks for your suggestion to get a job before moving cause I know that Vancouver is a really expensive city, so I need to get a good income to pay the bills but hopefully I will something related with my field to enjoy that city and the better weather and of course more sunny day to enjoy my flats and sandals !
        Have a great day !



  3. Awwww thank you so much for saying I’m one of your favourite bloggers my dear Ivan! It’s one of the great things about blogging, making friends. Blue is also one of my favourite colours. I like all your outfits, but I like the slim shorts the most.

    Have a great week!

    ❀ carmen

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  4. Hi Carmen,
    Thanks again for visiting my blog, and yes you are one of my fav bloggers cause you always have a kind comment, a smile or a good honest advice in every post; we also share our love for dance, flats , fashion and our links with Germany πŸ™‚ Flats in blue are one of my fav shoes and really funny to match with many of my clothes !

    Have a nice day !


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  5. Love this blue flats post. I see you just did a video of these blue and your French Gray Minnie’s. Very cute. Maybe sometime you could take a video of you wearing them out in the street! Just a thought???

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    • Hi Bri,
      Thanks for your nice comment! Definitely in the future I plan to do a video of me wearing these cute flats outdoors. I will ask one of my friends to record me πŸ™‚

      Have a nice day my friend !


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      • That would be great if you shoot a video or even take pictures outside in the nature light. Sometimes the nature light makes the colour of our flats even more amazing. I know the nature light makes my Chicory blue flats just SCREAM with colour.

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