Yellow flats and spring outfits

I always hesitated to get a pair of yellow flats, but last weekend  my friend Jenna invited me to going shopping. I saw some pairs of flats in yellow but I told Jenna that I didn’t like the tone or too bright or too light or they weren’t  comfortable. But  finally  I found  a pair of Sam Edelman Felicia in a lemony yellow but I  still hesitated to buy them, so my friend Jenna told me: “You should try them, Ivan, you will look awesome on them”. So I tried them in my size and as usual they never fail in comfort and look , and they were 50% off so I was a great deal for my feet !

UPDATE: a closeup of these flatsies!


And as Laura, a nice blogger that visited my site, said below: ” the sun is always shining on my feet ” 🙂

I didn’t have too many ideas how to match my new flats with my clothes so my girl friends, Jenna and Sandy, suggested to me some colors that could look great for this spring and summer or in my office as the dress code is casual and open minded (ballet flats are welcomed for both genders in my work, lucky of me) so I started to have fun matching different  colors on shirts and pants. First outfit for going to my job or kind of dressy: yellow sweater,black polo, black pants and yellow flats


same outfit but with TB minnie travel black flats (just a variation to enjoy my yellow sweater):


Next outfit pastel colors for sunny days: light blue polo shirt, white bermudas and yellow flats


And these are a mix of flashy basic colors:


and a variation with black jeans:


And a combination for the evenings blue and yellow:


It was really fun to match a pair of yellow flats with my clothes but Jenna and Sandy really gave me good tips and the loved most of my outfits, so which of the is your favorite? Do you have and wear yellow flats and if so how do you match them with your Ward robe?

Have a nice day and a Happy Eastern !!



16 thoughts on “Yellow flats and spring outfits

  1. Your friend Jenna was right was right, they do look AWESOME on you. And from what I can see you didn’t have any yellow flats in your collection. 50% off is also great but it’s the colour that has me loving them. It’s such a soft warm colour of yellow, perfect for Spring and Summer and of course for work 🙂 I LOVE the outfits your friends Jenna and Sandy picked for you to pair them with. For an office environment I like the yellow sweater with the dark pants but for a casual weekend out with friends my favourite is the light blue shirt, light coloured shorts and of course those super cute flats. You look FABULOUS, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    • Hi Bri,

      Definitely I took me some courage to buy and wear yellow flats and the ad from my friend Jenna, that always encourages me to wear what I love. That lemony color is perfect not to bright not to flashy just a perfect pastel color that is easier to match with any clothes. In fact Jenna and Sandy wore similar garments and I adapted with their help to my men wardrobe 🙂 I also loved the black pants and yellow sweater for the office and the white cropped pants with the light blue polo shirt for the weekend and summer. Thanks a lot for your kind words and I am glad you liked my outfits ! Have a nice day !


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      • LOVE the updated close up Ivan. When you’re a guy like you or me that loves wearing women’s ballet flats it’s just a matter time before we start buying ourselves cute and colourful flats. Your friends Jenna and Sandy picked the perfect yellow colour for you. My TB SA picked the perfect colour yellow for me. With Spring upon us we can both start wearing our cute new flats, which are perfect for this time of the year.

        Cheers my yellow ballet flats friend 🙂


        PS – I bet you’d look great in pink flats someday???

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      • I love your yellow flats they have a really beautiful shade of yellow that really looks wonderful on you specially when being close to this Ferrari !

        Your TB SA has a really good taste for colors in flats, in general ladies have these great sense to mix colors, clothes and shoes, that’s one of the reasons I love to going shopping with my girl friends cause they can help me to pick up nice comfy flats and sandals that would match great with my men clothes; or if not I ask my TB SA in Vancouver or in Sherways,ON, which colors they are wearing in their flats and as they wear them very often at job , they usually give me good advice in colors and comfort of their own shoes.

        And by the way I have a pair of light pink flats that I wear for my ballet lessons from time to time or when I forget my black ballet slippers 🙂

        Have a nice Eastern weekend my yellow flats friend !


  2. Love love love the yellow flats! My favorite looks would be the black pants/yellow top and the jeans.. Yellow really is a wonderful color that is great for brightening up one’s wardrobe AND mood! You can’t be in a bad mood when you look down and see the sun shining on your feet!

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    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks for visiting my blog! I am starting love a lot this cute comfy flats specially when wearing them with black jeans and yellow sweater, I had nice comments at my office of that outfit 🙂 and when it is snowing outdoors as you say I look at my flats and my mood changes at the sun is shining on my feet 😀 By the way I added a closeup of my sunny flats when wearing them!
      yellow flats

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  3. One word – F A B U L O U S !!! I don’t have yellow flats. The closest I have is mustard, but this soft shade of yellow looks great with all you have shown us! They go well with black, with blue and white and red! Very versatile! You know they’ll look good with gray too. Also green, purple, orange and brown. I think yellow can be worn with any colour. So many lovely combinations and I just responded to your comment on my blog saying that’s the fun of fashion – mixing colours! Here you have shown us you do it well and your post was written the day before mine!

    Great minds think alike!

    ❤ carmen

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    • Thanks Carmen for your kind words, they really encourage me to try new and more colorful outfits while keeping my own style; as you said and I am 100% convinced Fashion is fun, the fun to wear what makes us happy and feel comfortable and the fun to try new combinations with our clothes and shoes, grey is wonderful neutral color that I could match my yellow flats or with beige pants and capris 🙂 and of course:
      ” Great minds think alike!” or in our case “Great minds know how to mix colors ” 😀
      Have a nice Eastern weekend !

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  4. That shade of yellow is super versatile. It’s bright and cheery, but soft enough that it doesn’t assault your eyes! I like the way you have paired them with so many outfits.

    I stumbled across your blog because I was researching Tieks shoes, and you were very informative in the comments section of

    Since you were so helpful with other people’s questions in that blog post, I thought you would be a good resource for me. I have a problem. I love ballet flats! Unfortunately, I have never found a pair that actually stays on my feet. I have owned ballet flats in the past, but since my heels slide out, I couldn’t wear them too often. I used to have a pair that I loved, even though I bought them too small to keep my feet in. They still hurt my feet from having to walk strangely to try and keep them on. And they fell off sometimes anyway, which is pretty embarrassing. I have the same problem with high heels, so I know it is not just a ballet flat thing! Unless my shoes have an across the foot or ankle strap, I walk out of them. I have tried one pair with elastic in the edges, but though the shoes seemed to fit, the elastic bit into my feet in all the way around, but especially in the heel. My favorite (well, only) ballet flats with ankle straps are wearing out, and I’m trying pretty hard to find a new pair of comfortable shoes! Do you have any suggestions for me? I really appreciate any insight you can give me! 🙂

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    • Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for your nice comment about my yellow flats and my outfits and for your question 🙂
      I have some suggestion for you, have you ever tried heel grips in your shoes? the best are from DrScholl and they will keep your flats on your feet most of the time and also help to avoid blisters. If not sometimes when my flats slip off , I place some cotton or paper inside the toe area and they hold my feet pretty well. I really do not recommend to you or any person to wear shoes that are smaller cause they will hurt your feet, and you risk to hurt your knees and back when walking strangely. Some flats that could work for you and will avoid to slip off from your foot are:
      Dexflex Claire scrunch flats and Carolines string ties both styles of flats from payless will hold in your foot cause they have an elastic around the shoe price $19,They have many nice colors and have some cushion at the insoles.

      Sam Edelman Felicia flats have an elastic that keep your flats in your feet , they have good cushioned insole and are beautiful, made of real leather their price is around $100.They have many cute colors to choose at Nordstrom and amazon
      Hush puppies Chaste flats have also an elastic around the shoe,they need more break in as the leather is a little bit stiff but then they are comfy. price $60.
      Soft stars shoes adult ballerines are really soft and have an elastic so your feet can’t slip off and you can contact them to customize your own flats with your feet measures price $ 120. They are made of real leather in the USA
      Vince Camuto Ellen flats, they are comfy as slippers they have a cushioned insole in leather and they are a little bit wide, and the uppers are made in leather so they tend to stretch out a little bit price US $ 70 to $ 100

      Lucky Brand Emmie flats, these flats are very soft and really have a good cushioned insoles (made of synthetic) they take 2 evenings to break them in but they are really cute plain flats for working everyday price $ 85.They have elastics on the edge
      If not the old style of Tory Burch Revas have a elastic in the back that really, believe me really, hold your foot, you can find them in your size at eBay, or etsy or poshmark a good prices
      If not also from Tory Burch the style Caroline has a soft elastic that holds your feet and doesn’t allow that the flats slip off out of your feet. You can try them at a Tory Burch outlet , they usually have good prices, or you can get them at more affordable price at eBay, Etsy, poshmark .

      If these flats brands do not work for you J Crew, French Connection, Zara, Born, Betsy Johnson, Nine West, Steve Madden (model Keilli) have many cute flats with ankle strap that will look great on you.

      If not try Camper Nina Right mary janes, they have an elastic that will hold your feet all they loon and they are super comfortable I can walk 10 hours in these shoes without hurting my feet , I have 2 pairs one in blue and one in black and I love how comfy they are, they run small so better to size up price is around $ 100

      Hope these suggestions will help you to find a pair of flats that will not slip off from your feet. Have a nice day !

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    • Hii Nout,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Sometimes yellow is not an easy color to know how to match it with our shoes and clothes, but having some help and experimenting with colors is really fun, and those yellow flats with my yellow sweater has received many compliments in the office. Now I feel more confident to wear yellow for any occasion during spring and summer. Have a nice day !

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  5. I was browsing thru Nordstroms in the Scottsdale Fashion Squre this past weekend and they had a magnificent display of Sam Edelman flats. Of course I instantly thought of you. I love all the fabulous colours they had. Are you eyeing any other colours?


    • Hi Bri, I love SE felicia flats, have you ever tried them, just for the fun? I plan to get maybe the black sued or blue velvet to have some elegant flats for the office or cocktails where I need to be comfy and dressy 🙂

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    • Thanks for you nice comment Mara, yellow is a color that we never thought or we hesitated to wear in flats but when we try them they look beautiful in our feet and are easier to match !


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