Adapting opposite gender fashion

Hi everyone,

Today I am working at home as we have a heavy snow storm and maybe freezing rain this evening so I decided to warm up my style today. I was hesitant what to wear to feel great and comfortable at the same time, so I went to the Tory Burch site to get some ideas as I own some pairs of their flats, and well I found that I could adapt some of my clothes to one of their models from the minnie travels flats as I have the same color and style of shoes.

This are the flats, that I found as comfortable as my bedroom slippers and also in one of my fav colors burgundy. They are in crinkled patent leather that adds originality to them:

and now you can compare how easy was to imitate the Tory Burch model wearing same pair of flats with the clothes that I found at my wardrobe:

I don’t have the same kind of skinny capris but I replace by my cropped pants, I have 2 skinny jeans but I don’t find very comfortable  and some ladies don’t find very sexy skinny jeans on men, but I wear them from time to time in summer. I found really funny adapt my men clothes to TB model style, and it gave some ideas for future outfit, specially for spring and summer seasons. I know one of my married friend who also wear flats that sometimes do some mirror fashion with his wife and they look awesome and both have great fun when do it.

Hope you liked this outfit and I wish you a great day !!




22 thoughts on “Adapting opposite gender fashion

  1. Great way to warm your spirits on a cool day and and great way to prepare your Spring look. The Tory crinkle flats are not only comfy but super cute, so why hide them beneath a pair of jeans or dress pants. I love how you’ve showcased the flats by wearing them with crop pants, much like the Tory Burch model.
    I’m going to enjoy a similar look this Spring;

    Great post thanks for sharing your amazing style.

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    • Thanks Nout for stepping in my blog ! Weather here in Canada is getting up and downs but in few weeks we hope to get the visit of Ms. Spring. I also like these flats cause I can dress up and down easily while being comfy. Patterns in pants or shirts sometimes are hard to match, that’s the reason that I decide to wear a neutral color for my pants but that looked similar to those of the model. Have a great day !


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  2. You’re ready for Canada Day Ivan! Love your outfit. You and Bri could be twins! lol My brother had a pair of white deck pants, great for bike riding too! Crop pants, deck pants and capris are dressier than shorts and cooler than long pants. Very summery.

    Fashion is fun!

    ❤ carmen

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