Wednesday Oufit

Hii every one,

Today I have some meeting at the office so I decide to look chic but comfortable at the same time: Grey striped sweater from Simons, Black dressy slack from Terra Nostra , light blue shirt and golden tie from Le Château, and patent leather flats from Tory Burch.  A simple but in my opinion dressy and comfortable look to enjoy a working day !


And this is my evening outfit for having dinner with friends at home


A very relaxed outfit with a Polo shirt from Champs, Levis 511 jeans (get them at one outlet 70% off), and a pair of super comfortable minnie travel flats in burgundy from Tory Burch that I got at discount price and with a gift card (great great deal for my feet)

Have a good day !


9 thoughts on “Wednesday Oufit

    • Hii Nout,
      Thanks for your kind comments. I love the burgundy color and definitely those TB flats really matched great with my polo shirt, a nice lucky coincidence !
      that’s why flats are so versatile and also comfy. Thanks for stepping in my blog. Happy Valentine !

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  1. Both outfits look great Ivan! The first is more suitable for a meeting at the office and the second one is more casual. Love how your shoes match your tops! Burgundy is a lovely colour.

    ❤ carmen

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    • Hi Carmen,
      Thanks for visit my blog ! Definitely I am the kind of guy that love to be dressy but comfortable at the office and honestly if I have the chance who doesn’t like to wear cute flats that feel like slippers all day long 😉 By the way Burgundy color is one of my favorite because I can dress up and down easily and this color has something elegant in any kind of outfit. Have a nice day and hope spring will arrive soon !

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      • You had me at “comfortable”! True, you can dress burgandy up with black trousers and dress burgandy down with blue jeans.

        Have a lovely afternoon! I’m home because my classes are cancelled due to freezing rain. The weather has changed since Sunday’s mild breeze and yesterday’s sun is GONE with the winter wind!! 😦

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    • Hi my Tory Burch Minnie flats Twin 🙂 Those cute flats looks great on you. Burgundy color never fails and they are really easy to match with any outfit while being chic and comfy. Have a nice day in sunny Arizona my Tory Burch Twin !


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