One pair of flats, many outfit’s options

Some women and even men (that starts to wear flats) ask me how a guy can match a pair of flats with his everyday clothes, the answer is really easy, ballet flats are really versatile and practical shoes that combines great with any gear. For me flats are like potatoes in cooking they go well with everything 🙂

Carmen,  one of my favorite bloggers, said: ” Fashion is fun” so I decided to match my Tory Burch black patent flats ( I got them with a gift card and they were also in discount so I made a good deal, thanks Bri to introduce this awesome flats to me) with many different clothing from dressy to casual. These are my beautiful and super comfortable flats that will serve as example how a guy can wear them with as many clothing as you can imagine:


Honestly, I love the shiny crinkled leather and how classy these flats looks, well let’s start the different way to match these ballerinas.

For going dressy to the office or for a special event I love this combination:


For being comfortable and casual, go errands, visiting friends, going shopping and going to evening classes this is how I dress:


or with a polo shirt:


and for going to my yoga class or for Sundays that I want to dress very comfortable, almost like wearing PJ’s and slippers, I wear my flats with yoga pants and a red polo or T-shirt:


And here, I am ready to relax myself at my yoga class:


This outfit is wonderful if you are a man and it’s the first time that you dare to wear your flats on public, because the long yoga pants cover a part of your flats but not at all and at the same time you are fresh and comfortable.

And combination that I love for summer is wearing my flats with shorts and polo shirts:


And these are the many and fun ways that I love to match my black patent flats for any season and time, well except in snowy cold winter outdoors haha but indoors I kick off my boots and slip on in my flats. I always try to add some color to neutral color flats to break the monochromatic combination. Hope you liked and have a good day !




4 thoughts on “One pair of flats, many outfit’s options

  1. Ivan, those black patent flats are wonderful, pretty, and versatile. I think you’ve made a very good choice with them. My favorite outfit is your first one for the office, because I like how the dressy button down shirt, slacks, belt, and flats look together. But honestly the flats look good with all the outfits because they’re so versatile.
    Can’t wait to see more of your flats when the weather starts warming up!

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    • Hii Nout,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. You are right I made a good choice with this pretty and comfortable flats to show how versatile they are. I am glad you like how I pair my flats with my office outfit, for me going dressy and comfortable to my job is priority because if I look great I feel great. Dress well and what I want , it’s a respect for myself, and a way to have more fun in life mixing men-women accessories together while being comfortable. I promise you will see more of my flats when Ms. Spring and Mr. Summer come back, I hope soon 😉

      Have a nice day !!


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  2. Ivan you are an inspiration to all fans of ballet flats, especially me 😉 I love how you’ve paired them with several outfits to create your casual, office or athletic looks. (Cute yoga pants). The black patent crinkle flats themselves are amazing and once again we are Tory flats twins.

    Thanks for sharing your new flats and your confident slightly feminine style, you look fantastic. 😀


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    • Thanks a lot for stepping by my blog, Bri and for your kind words. Definitely this beautiful crinkled black patent flats are very versatile because I am able to paired them with any outfit while being comfortable and looking always great, the fit of this flats is a little bit loose than the minnie travels with logo and elastic at the back in my same shoe size but with a pair of heel grips the fit better, maybe for the oxblood color I will size down half number.

      It’s a pleasure to share my everyday clothing with all the other fans of ballet flats and wearing one feminine accessoire such as flats in my men outfit adds not only comfort but also fun, practicality, and originality when combining clothes.

      Have a nice day my Tory Twin !


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