Hot colors for cold weather

Happy New Year to everyone !!


(Credit of the above pic: Vogue Magazine December 2014, Amy Adams & Tim Burton )

I hope you had wonderful holydays. As the winter advances and sometimes I need to boost my mood in this cold weather, and after watching one of my favorite movies since  I was a  teen, “The Red Shoes” (1948) an old good movie based in the fairly tale of Hans Christian Andersen , you can see the trailer here:

And some pics from the original movie:080-the-red-shoes-theredlist

I love this movie because I liked the fairly tale Red Shoes despite the unexpected end and because I take adult ballet lessons for fun and keep flexibility, so after watching it, I said to my self:  why if I get some pairs of flats in red? cause red is  the color of love and energy, so why not to wear at home and with friends indoors my red flats during winter to break the monotony of the white snow and the dark colors of many of my clothes?  Black and brown shoes are boring colors,so I decided  to purchase 2 pairs in this  happy color, my first pair is a Sam Edelman Felicia flats, one of my fav brands as they are soft and comfortable, I got them at 50% off, and here they are on my feet:



and this some ways that I match them with my shirts and sweaters, and I love how I can match with dressy pants, jeans and capris:

SE red & black

se red


then my second pair is the Tory Burch Minnie Travels flats in color poppy red , but I find more like orange/red color, really flashy color from this brand, I got this pair eBay at a very good price just $ 50, a really excellent deal for this super comfy flats, the color is very original for me and I love how they look on my feet:



And this how I match my flats with different clothes:

This is my today outfit:




Red color was a little bit challenging to match with my clothes, specially flats but when I started to visualize my garde-robe, and making combinations in my mind I realize how easy I can make colorful my everyday  clothes, and matching clothes and flats is really funny honestly, and it helps me to relieve and boost my mood during winter, a busy mind is a good one. Have a  good day !!



4 thoughts on “Hot colors for cold weather

  1. Congrats on the hot new flats during this cold time of year. Those red Sam Edelman and Tory’s flats look great on you. I think you are like most women (and me!) Once you get the basic black, brown and other must have colour of flats you need to add some fun colours. Red certainly pops. I love you outfits you’ve paired with them.

    Congrats on your new red flats my Tory twin.

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    • Thanks for stepping by my blog Bri, of course I love to add colors to my flats collection, and you are right, I am like you and the ladies, after getting the neutral colors why not try fun and colorful combinations between clothes, shoes and accesories, it shows our creative side when choosing our everyday garments and footwear, and it is really fun when do it. Thanks for your kind comments my Tory Twin from West !

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  2. I ❤ red shoes!! I have quite a few pairs of red shoes (including two pairs of ballet flats). At one time I was going to only buy red shoes because they are my favourites ever since I was a little girl.

    You have inspired me to do a post on my red shoes some day!

    I am interested in seeing this movie, I've never seen it. The trailer looks great! So we have something else in common Ivan – classic movies!!

    Fashion is fun!

    ❤ carmen

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    • Thanks Carmen for stepping by my blog !! Red is also one of my favourite colors, I have some T-shirts and sweaters in this lively and fun color so I decided to get some flats to match with the. Maybe I will an other pair of ballet flats or even sandals for summer.

      I saw that movie at my aunt’s home with her, when I was a teen, my aunt was a former dancer “Corps du ballet” when she was young, so ballet related movies and wearing ballet flats where common at home, I hope you enjoy this classic movie as much as I did and I do !

      I prefer classic movies over the new ones, the actors and actresses had their own personality well defined and they acted better without a lot of complex special effects.

      Definitely we have some likes in common: red color, ballet flats and classic movies

      Hope to see your post about red shoes soon 🙂

      Have a nice day !!

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