My Tory Burch Flats collection

Good morning everyone !!

As I promised to all of  you, finally I present to you my Tory Burch flats collection. My good friend Brian, introduced this brand to me and I fall in love with it for two reason : elegance and originality of their shoes.

So I started my own collection, of course Tory Burch is a expensive brand due to the quality of the leather and the brading, but I mostly purchased my flats in consignation stores or at eBay saving many bucks . I bought my first pair, along with my cousin Sandy as we wear same shoe size, it was the iconic Tory Burch Revas flats.We loved how elegant they looked in our feet but it took us months to break them in and we got some blisters in heels and toes ouchhh as the elastic in the heel wasn’t really comfortable at the beginning, so I wore them with socks at home and then barefeet in the office for some hours only. Here they are:

TB revas

I love the elegance, the golden medallion and simplicity of these flats but honestly I wouldn’t buy it again because they weren’t really comfy on my feet and if you buy them at TB boutique they are very expensive (US $ 225 or CAN $ 300 !!)

This is how I wear them for going to my office or to look dressy at Xmas:

TB Revas dressy

My second pair was the cute TB Chelsea bow flats that I got at eBay, I only wear them indoors as the sole is very thin and the heel isn’t well placed in the design so this flatsies are more like light slippers to be dressy, and comfy in the job, home or for short errands, I don’t recommend them for long walkings as the lack of enough cushion and  arch support but honestly who can resist to wear them !


In the other hand if you have average or wide feet like me you will love them, the soft leather molds to your feet.


And I discovered that this flats looks great with skinny jeans and I feel comfortable wearing in that way:

Tory Burch Chelsea Flats 1

The other pair that I only wear mostly indoors or when I know I won’t walk a lot or the marathon lol is the TB Eddies flats, I consider them ore like a ballet slipper that it is comfy to wear in a party, going to a brunch, or in the office i you don’t stand on your feet a lot, the leather is super soft so I never had blsiters while wearing them but I didn’t find the rounded heel very comfortable for long walkings and they lack of cushion in the heel area. This is my only pair in navy blue and how I wear with a nice shirt:


TB eddies

A pair that I currently don’t have anymore, as my friend Jenna and I wore it a lot until they became trashed hihi , was the TB Kaitlin quilted flats, at the beginning the leather was stiff but Jenna and I wore them alternate so the strecthed out and became comfy and classy for any occasion. This flats really lasted a lot considering that two people wore them for almost 2 years so you can see the quality of this brand, I have only a couple of pics of my feet wearing them:



And my last acquisition and by far my favorites flats from Tory Burch: the new and famous Minnie travels flats, in few words I love them !!!, the leather is super soft not need to breaking( they are comfortable right out of the box !!) something that never happened with my other TB flats, elegant and perfect to dress up and down. I love to wear them  casually :

TB minnie silver 1


I love this holographic silver color and the more you wear this flats the softer the leather becomes, it’s like wearing my bedroom slippers everyday !! and they also look great with a dressy outfit:

TB Minnie dressy 2

I also have the same pair but in black as this color looks perfect with any outfit and I am currently wearing them with a  pair of  jeans and a nice shirt,


I love how they look and how comfy and easy to slip on they are, the elastic in the heel didn’t bother me or cause me any blister !


An  other view of my new flatsies, aren’t they adorable ? And this is my today’s outfit while wearing this super comfy flats:

Tory Burch Minnie Travels flats black 1

Tory Burch Minnie Travels flats black 2

Happy enjoying my nice outfit and with the chance to wear shoes that feel like slippers all day long, whatelse could I ask to be happy!!

I am  really considering to buy an other pair maybe in French gray color or in color Shiraz (kind of purple ). I recommend them, despite the price, to anyone looking for dressy and very comfy flats.

In all th cases the TB flats insoles never got smelly as they are made of real leather so you can wear them a lot without worrying too much about this bothering problem when we wear shoes barefeet.

Do you own some Tory Burch flats? Which model are your favorite and why?

And this is my TB flats collection hope you like them. I wish you a great day

UPDATE: I forgot my TB Carolines in tan color they are super cute and comfy I love how the make my feet lok smaller and they are perfect for any occasion:


And this how I love to wear them:

TB Caroline 2

And finally my TB Thora sandals that I love to wear in summer:





13 thoughts on “My Tory Burch Flats collection

  1. Hi Ivan, great collection of Tory’s. I’m sorry that I’m the one responsible for you getting “bitten” by the Tory Burch bug but it’s great to see I’m not the only guy that loves these elegant and original Tory flats. Actually, I happen to know there are LOTS of us guys that love to wear Tory flats. Women have loved these for years so there’s no reason for us guys to miss out. I always thought “one pair” would be enough. Again you are just like me. Now there’s always “one more pair” I want. It’s fun watching your collection of these iconic flats grow. It great we both enjoy wearing them and look great wearing them. And it’s great we can share our passion for cute shoes with others.

    Take care my Tory Burch friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hii Bri,

      Thanks for stepping out in my blog, it’ s always a pleasure to share my flats collection with everybody. Thanks to you I knew this fabulous brand. Despite many of the cute flats need a good breaking in period, the Minnie travels are the comfiest flats that I have ever worn apart from my Sam Edelmans Felicias of course hehe. I keep in contact with my sales ladies to get the best discount possible in these iconic flats if not I Google often to find this brand at a reasonable prices. Now I undertand why ladies love shoes, there are so many beautiful colors and shapes an if you add that they are cute and comfortable, you get the perfect footwear. As my sales associate and friend Marie told me: “You must love the shoes that you will wear for long time”, and I completly agree.
      Thanks again and have a good day !

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    • Hii Carmen,

      Thanks for your nice words hehehe, what I can do, I love nice comfy shoes hihi that’s why I title my bog in that way 😉 Honestly I found flats and women sandals are more aesthetic, comfortable and practical than men shoes and I love to wear different colors and shape of shoes that make my feet look smaller and nice, with the advantage that when shopping I can try an other pair of cute flats or sandals easily lol
      Have a good day and take care !!


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      • I like that you wear various colours: brown and black are so boring! I do have black shoes and brown shoes (doesn’t everyone?) but if that’s all there is … BORRRRING!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hii Bri,

      I am saving to get an other pair of TB Minnie travels flats but in French gray color, or maybe the poppy orange color.

      I have a pair of ballet flats from TopShop that its color is baby pink but I can’t find as I start to have many flats and sandals hehe, but definetly tan color is a must habve in any flats collection. I plan to publish my collection of colorful flats from Sam Edelman and other brands that have flashy beautiful colors for Spring/Summer season !!

      Have a good one !

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      • Glad to see you to are getting “hooked” on Tory flats. Both the French Gray and poppy orange are great colours, (I have a pair of each 🙂 ). The poppy orange really stand out, they just “scream fabulous”. Of course you already have a pink pair of flats so you know how wear the bright colours like the poppy ones.

        Can wait to see more of your fab collection of flats.


  2. Hi Carmen,

    Yes black and Brown are useful colors for any otfit but colorful flats demands us more creativity to match nicely with our clothes; that’s why I love to wear different colors to estimulate my neurons and have lots of fun when combine them with my outfit. I plan to post my colorful collection of flats soon or after holydays.

    Have a nice day !


    • Thank you for stepping in my blog Lorna, hope you feel better! I also loved the quilted cream flats with gold but unfortunately I had to put them in the trash bin as they were completely worn out by my friend Jenna and myself during 2 ½ years, I plan to get same style if I find them but in other color. Have a good day, take care and take your time to recover !


    • Happy New Year Bri !!
      Yes I got this flatsies in French Grey, I purchased directly from TB store at Vancouver, I ordered by phone and the sales associate, Sitomi, was really nice.I had a gift card so I took advantage of this opportunity. Then I received as a gift this flats in Shiraz color , a nice Xmas gift from my cousins and then at eBay for only $50, I got the poppy red from which I wrote a blog today ! I plan to do maybe next week a blog about my Minnie travels flats collection !! Thanks a lot for recommended to me this uber comfy flats !


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