Some flats with elastics that I love

Hi everybody,

My best friend Jenna wanted to get a new pair of flats with elastics to avoid the funny but noisy sound when her flats stretches  out too much and slip off from her heels.

I told her that I am not a fan of flats with elastics as I haven’t had nice experiences with this kind of shoes for the following reasons: First,flats with elastics tends to dig into my Achilles tendon and is somehow painful, second, flats with elastics tends to curb my toes up and third, honestly I am the kind of guy that loves to take off his flats very often under the desk in the office or under the table during lunch time to stretch  out my toes, relax my feet out of my shoes and to air them (and I think  many ladies love to do it too 😉

I had the experience with the famous brand Tieks. This is the only pic that I took of my Tieks in black matte color


Pros: They have a huge variety of beautiful colors, the flats looks really cute on my feet, the quality of the upper leather is really good, the elastics in the back of the shoe didn’t hurt me or cause me any blister as it is padded, insoles are really soft

Cons: They are very expensive range of price US$ 200-300 a pair !! I got mine with a discount coupon. I didn’t keep them because these flats tended to close like a clam on my feet so they were quite painful to wear and gave them to my cousin Sandy as we wear same shoe size.Other thing that I didn’t like was the fact that you cannot try them in a store so it’s a risky business and if you live in Canada you must pay the return.

Here are some of my flats with elastics that I found really comfy, cute and that they don’t hurt my feet

Vince Camuto Ellen flats

Pros: Price still affordable CAN$ 80, good quality leather in uppers and insoles, they feel like slippers, not blisters in heel or toe area, heel cups didn’t dig into my heel, my feet breathes great even in hot summer days.Easy to slip on/off 😉


This is how they look on my feet


and here I am enjoying this flatsies

Vince Camuto Ellen Flats

Cons: They are comfy if you wear them at the office or for short errands, but they lack of arch support and padding in the toe area so if you plan to walk a lot, place a thin Jelly insole to add confort.

Lanvin ballet flats


Pros: Really good quality ballerinas, hidden heel make them great for long walkings, the soft leather of the uppers and at the insole makes them super comfy, my feet breathes great on them , the elastics doesn’t hurt my feet or rub, I can wear them during 10h without problems (sorry the insoles are quite dirty as I wear them very often in my office or for long walkings and shopping, but as the insoles are made or real padded leather then they are not smelly wohooo!!)

And this is how they look on my feet


And this is the way I love to wear them for casual Fridays at the office

Lanvin flats

Cons: If you buy them at  the Lanvin boutique or Holt Renfrew they are very, very expensive , almost $ 490 a pair !! I got mine at a consignation store for only $ 75 a great deal, isn’t it?  The soles worn out quite quickly and these flats runs very small, I usually wear women shoe size 9.5 or 10 or its equivalent in European size 40 but with this flats I had to got a size 42 !! They don’t slip off easily from your feet

Michael Kors City Ballet


Pros: They are really cute ! I love the bows in the toe area !! They are like bedroom slippers, very comfy and quite padded insoles, great for working few hours in them. they resist water spills and are good for swapping heels to flats in the evening. Price is still affordable CAN $ 100. As I a small frame guy I dare to wear them with capris  a mix of man-women fashion together :

MK City

Cons: Heel cups tended to dig into my right feet, I had to place cushioned heel grips in that shoe, they lack of arch support and if you plan to walk a lot you will feel tired after wearing this flats .Insoles become smelly as they are made of fabrics

Hush Puppies Chelsea flats


Pros: Soft real leather in the uppers, the insoles are padded and absorb moisture and they dont get really smelly, they have a little bit of arch support, soles are made of non slippery rubber , looks great for any occasion, casual and dressy, good for 6-8h standing in your job. Affordable price $ 60, perfect as unisex flats.

I love this flats look on my feet, very shiny cute flats :


And this is how I wear them

Hush puppies flats

Cons: Heel cups digged into my poor heels I needed to place heel cushioned grips; this flats need some break in period.

Last pair of flats with elastics that I found quite comfy are from Le Chatêau , the collection is called Reflex and they are made of real leather uppers and insole, so my feet is breathing happily, they have a hidden heel so they are comfortable for long walking and standing 6-8h in my job, they have a cute elegant detail on the top and they are affordable around CAN $ 65 a pair

I have in 3 colors, Black, camel and tan, and this is how they look on my feet (I love the color camel as they match great with my skin color, people often thinks that I am walking barefeet haha)


I also dare to wear them with capris and a nice beige sweater, well for me clothes doesn’t have gender they are only objects and people assigns them the gender according their culuture and believes


By the way the flats, my feet and the floor match great hard to distinguish the shoes from the floor hahaha.This flats holds your feet perfectly 😉

Cons: after 8h my feet is swollen and the elastics around the heel tends to cut a little bit, and the toes area could hurt a little , the soles are somehow slippery  in wet floor

And this are my suggestions for flats with elastics that do not hurt a lot and still comfy and look great any time.In the next post I show you my Tory Burch flats collection !

Have a good day !!







14 thoughts on “Some flats with elastics that I love

  1. Nice collection of elastic flats. I’d still love to try a pair of Tieks but I’m afraid of the shipping hassle as well. I saw a pair of the Vince Camuto flats in person just the other day. I was surprised at the quality. I thought they would be around $200 not $80. This is certainly a brand worth looking at.

    Love the flats you’ve showcase and I like how you’ve styled them. Thanks for sharing your collection.



    • Hi Bri

      Thanks for your kind word, yes Vince Camuto is great brand and the Ellen flats are the less expensive shoes of their collection, my sales associate Marie told me that they were in discount so instead of paying $ 110 , I only paid $ 80 for them. Matching my clothes with flats is really easy, cause ballerinas goes well with everything.
      It’s ashame that I gave my Tieks flats to my cousin, if not I’ d send them to you and I think they would work better on you than on my feet. Thye were in size 10 by the way and Tieks doesn’t make half sizes 😦

      Have good day and thanks for stepping on my blog

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  2. This is fantastic! Love your detailed reviews and fun collection 🙂 Quick question about Tieks; I have wider feet so my flats tend to get holes on the outside of the foot from the constant leather/ground wear. Do you think Tieks would hold up? I’ve had to get my Torys and Chanel flats repaired. Any other recommendations?

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    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for visiting my blog ! Tieks are really expensive flats but possible they can hold your foot as the elastic around the shoe is strong but not painful, most people we have average or wide feet so we tend to get holes in the sides of our flats, these brands could help you because they come in Wide width so your foot would be more comfy and with less chance to rub against the ground:

      Lower East Side Chelsea flat from Payless: comfortable flats that have wide width in range of size from 5 to 13.They need some breaking in period as they are man made price US $ 17

      Crocs kadee flats, very comfortable flats despite they are bulky they are perfect for walking all day long I wear them on the evening and weekends, but I don’t know the dress code in your work, they have regular and width wide I usually wear women size 9.5 M or 10M depending the brand but this flats fit a little bit large so I got them in size 9W.The cushioned sole rises from floor about 3/4″ so probably you won’t get holes in the sides of this flats. Price US $ 25

      Dexflex Claire scrunch flats and Carolines string ties both styles of flats from payless in wide width will hold in your foot cause they have an elastic around the shoe price $19,They have many nice colors and have some cushion at the insoles.

      Sam Edelman Felicia flats have an elastic that keep your flats in your feet , they have good cushioned insole and are beautiful, made of real leather and they come in wide width their price is around $100.They have many cute colors to choose at Nordstrom and amazon

      Hush puppies Chaste flats have also an elastic around the shoe,they need more break in as the leather is a little bit stiff but then they are comfy. price $60.

      Soft stars shoes adult ballerines are really soft and have an elastic so your feet can’t slip off and you can contact them to customize your own flats with your feet measures price $ 120. They are made of real leather in the USA

      Vince Camuto Ellen flats, they are comfy as slippers they have a cushioned insole in leather and they are a little bit wide, and the uppers are made in leather so they tend to stretch out a little bit price US $ 70 to $ 100

      Lucky Brand Emmie flats, these flats are very soft and really have a good cushioned insoles (made of synthetic) they take 2 evenings to break them in but they are really cute plain flats for working everyday price $ 85

      If you want to spend more Tory Burch Minnie travels flats ( $225) are great for wide feet, I have 6 pairs and I love how soft and comfortable they are for my feet ( as reference my feet measures 10″ long by 3½” width and I wear women US shoe size 9.5 or 10 depending the brand), and I got them in 10. You can try them at any TB store in the US and then order them by phone at your closer TB outlet, I got 2 pairs at the Toronto outlet for
      CAD $ 150 each pair taxes included, if not at eBay , tradesy, poshmark and lyst they have them at very good price.

      Hope my personal experience would be helpful and you can find a cute comfy pair flats 🙂

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  3. Ivan, thanks for your review! I was going to go with Tieks, but now I’m leaning towards the Vince Camuto Ellen. They’re super cute and I like the price a lot better, too. Great reviews, and a fresh perspective!

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    • Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for visiting my blog! I am glad that my review would be helpful for you. Definitely Vince Camuto Ellen are not only cute but really comfty flats for everyday and at good price, and the leather insoles let breathe well the feet in summer. Have a nice day



  4. I just think this blog is brilliant! Thank you so much forposting these messages of your experience. I have been a closet women’s shoe wearer, but I’ve since broken past my fears and started enjoying my flats when I’m our and about. I recently purchased a pair of beautiful ruby red Bloch ‘Arabian’ flats, and they are some of the best shoes I’ve ever worn. I’m branching into more feminine wardrobe choices to match my shoes, but I’m trying to match my body type at the moment. Like you, I do no feel that clothing should be gender assigned. I applaud you for your fashion choices, and I appreciate you for sharing your stories!

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  5. I wore my black Tory Burch Revas today with a black and white blouse and a black long skirt. Your inspiring blog helped me reach this milestone. Thank you!!!


    • Hi Ken,

      I am really glad that you start wearing what makes you have and that inspired you to do it. It makes me happy and feeling helpful. I bet you look elegant and great in that outfit. Have a nice day!


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