Why and When I started to wear flats !

Hii everybody

Many people asks to me whya and when I started to wear ballet flats if they are considered women shoes nowadays.

Why: Because since I was a child I always disliked to lace my shoes and wear socks, my feet felt uncomfortable and too warm, I usually took off that kind of shoes and remove the socks to be barefeet  or in slippers, so my mom understood that and allowed me to wear flip flops most of the time. But, by experience flip flops does not protect too much our feet and I had 2 or 3 painful experiences: someone that crushed my toes accidentally , one time that I was running and one flip flop slipped off and I fell down, and hurting my toes with a table’s legs cause I didn’ t Watch well the distance between my feet and the table’s edge !!  it was painful at the moment, so I looked as a teenager for shoes that were comfortable easy to slip on/off, could be worn barefeet and of course protected my feet more than my sandals. I tried the famous top siders moccasin in the 80’s but I got blisters and they didn’t have any arch support , the rubber soles tended to came off the shoe, and some of the shoe dye infused in my feet so I had blue feet for a while 😀

When: My first experience wearing flats was at the age of 12. I was living with my aunt, a attractive young woman in her early 30´s and former ballet dancer. She always wore flats with skirts or capris.  I love how comfy and easy to slip off her flats were. So one day that she was out of home, I went straight to her room and I opened her closet. l grabbed a cute pair of well worn light blue bow flats (the brand was Crayons) they looked similar to this ones:

coach espadrilles

and I took off my flip flops and slip on in her flats… what amazing feeling !! , I feel happy, comfortable and free. Finally I could wear a footwear that it is a the same time a shoe and a slipper !! I wore them during all the day. When my aunt was out home I did it again, and again.

One day my aunt arrived early and she caught me wearing her flats. I was speechless, thinking the worst.But She looked me at the eyes, and I only could said: “I am so sorry, I hope you aren´t angry, I..I will explain to you…” she only smiled and winked to me and said to me: “don´t worry my dear, I am your aunt and I always noticed how much you watched my flats and feet, you are young a need to experience what makes you happy”. She gave a hug, and allowed me to wear her flats everyday, in fact she bought a similar pair for her, so we both, were wearing flats at home.It was the happiest period of my life !

Then during my 20´s I came back to my parents home, so I had to wear them at my room or when my parents were out. After that I started to take ballet classes and I understood that my hobbies and fashions likes don´t determine my sexual preference and that I must be open and honest with my family and close friends.

After moving to Canada, few years ago, I discovered that it was hard to find men shoes that I liked in my size, so I didn´t plan to wear only boys shoes and flip flops, so I went to payless and GAP and I tried and bought 2 pairs of flats. I wore them at home and one day my brother watched at me wearing them, he asked me if I was gay, I said no, I love girls but I find this shoes really comfortable and I like them. It took time to him to digest the idea but now we only make jokes and no more than this.

Wearing flats on public was difficult at first but I wore them with mens jeans and a nice shirt and people looked more at my shirt rather than my flats, only few girls asked me where did I bought them, or they said that they liked or even one cute sales clerk swapped flats with me. Most of the women are supportive and find original and even sexy when a man wears flats (try with ballet slippers and the result is much better), and some of them told me that everybody can wear flats as they are slippers.And I completely agree.

Frye CarsonAnd here I am enjoying my Frye carson flats !! I love this brand made of good quality leather but I suggest to place half soles when the leather soles start to be worn out

And this why and when I started to wear this comfortable and nice shoes and honestly even my feet health is quit bit better than wearing very close and heavy shoes (I had tendinitis in my Achilles heel while wearing men shoes because the shoe heel was made internally of solid wood !!) and when shopping flats are really practical, specially when I tried many pairs of jeans I can slip off easily my flats and try the pants comfortably or in a shoe store , it ‘ s a pleasure just to take off my ballerinas and try many sandals of other flats or sneakers without the hasle to put on/off socks and lace or untie men shoes …just practical shoes..as technician and men , flats are a  time saving footwear ..just for fun I measure the time to put on socks , slip on in my sneakers and lace them = 47 seconds vs slip on in my flats = 5.5 seconds…and no, I not the kind of lazy guys who force their feet into their laced shoes haha cause it hurts !!

Do you have similar stories guys to share? Ladies your thoughts about a man wearing flats, or if your son or nephew would ask to you to wear flats or other “feminine” garment or activity considered “for girls” such as ballet lessons?

Have a good day


6 thoughts on “Why and When I started to wear flats !

  1. Comfort should be the first reason why we choose certain shoes and we all must find our own comfort (as you have). Practical is another good reason. Style can also be on the list and we all have various tastes. Really, I believe the time is coming when we wear what we like and what makes us happy. Women have had that option for a long time: wearing workboots and the same running shoes (Converse etc) as men. Men wear ballet shoes, why not flats?

    I think men have it harder in general. A girl who likes baseball and wearing jeans all the time is called a Tomboy, but still is not laughed at. A woman wearing pants and suits is respected in the business world, no shame. If women want to be truck drivers no one complains. But if boys like pink or men prefer dance lessons instead of sports, some people think it’s weird.

    When my oldest son was five, his favourite colour was pink. He picked out a pink shirt that I bought for him. Kids teased him and he came home saying that they told him pink is a girl’s colour. I told him colours are for everyone (girls can wear blue, so why can’t boys wear pink?) and that boy flamingos are PINK! 🙂

    Have a great week!

    ❤ carmen

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    • Hi Carmen,

      Thanks for your nice comment, I liked that phrase: the boy flamingos are pink 😀 Yes I always look for comfort, practical and style and in general women shoes have those characteristics, well except for high heels and some stripped sandals, in the other hand men shoes sometimes only have comfort but honestly I bet one of my girl friends to try my men shoes barefeet and after 6 hours she was really dissapointed how heavy, warm and rough men shoes are without socks.

      The other day I was in the grocery store wearing my bow flats and one stunning young lady in her early-thirties was wearing same brand of flats and her friend she was wearing men combat boots, we crossed in the same aisle and the lady wearing flats told me that I had good taste for shoes and the other one with the boots asked me why I wear flats,and we have a really nice chat about tastes in fashion and gender issues, the girl who wore the boots said that men boots for her are more comfortable and lasts more time, in my case I told her that I wear flats because honestly I love to wear slippers everyday and flats are both a shoe and a slipper at the same time and that I had hard times to get some slim good looking men shoes…I told them that I also wear TOMS in summer and sandals but my favorites shoes are flats.

      We even exchanges emails to get occasionally a coffee, they really liked the fact that a man has the courage to wear what he likes no matters what society impose to us.

      Thanks for stepping out and have a nice week !

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  2. Another great post Ivan. It’s nice to hear from another guy about why and what promoted them to start wearing ballet flats, women’s flats of course. I should be careful when I say that cuz Repetto has started making mens ballet flats. On a good note the Repetto ones are still quite feminine looking in shape and style (it’s hard to tell of they are womens or mens) They are made of a black patent material which makes them very feminine.

    It’s sad that gender issues are often associated with males that wear women’s flats. Guy like us may be gay or may be straight. Wearing flats doesn’t make us either. The fact we wear flats is just an adjective. It’s like saying that lawyer wears flats or that lawyer is gay. Totally irrelevant.

    Thanks for sharing your great style.


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    • Hii Bri,

      Thanks for stepping out in my blog, yes, I saw Repettos ballet flats for men, I congratulate them for this wonderful idea,I used to have a pair of their flats and the sole is really thin that they felt more like ballet slippers, but definetly a beautiful ballet flat.

      Repetto’s men flats looks really nice, honestly I don’t like flats with elastics except my Sam Edelmans bow flats (I plan to write down about my experience with flats with elastics soon) and neither patent leather because it’s more stiff and hard to break in, but definetly more and more designers are adding ballet flats for men in their collection, there is also a Spanish shoe company that makes also flats for men called Manoletinos, so flats are coming back to men’s fashion again !

      Yes it’s sad that our current society loves to place labels to everyone specially when we have different tastes in life for example fashion and hobbies, but as you said I dress for myself and as Carmen said above I wear what makes me happy and comfortable, like you also do.

      Thanks for your nice comment and Have a good week !

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  3. Hi Ivan, I found your blog through your comments on Tieks on http://bridgetteraes.com. Thank you for your honest reviews and recommendations for flats. currently, I’m on the lookout for a good quality pair for about $100 so I’m through your reviews. By the way, I’m 100% supportive of men wearing “womens” shoes. I think gender-based shoes is silly. I’m a woman and I like to wear men’s shoes sometimes (brogues are my favorite). I say wear whatever you want!

    I look forward to seeing more of your posts and more shoes!



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    • Hii Nout,

      Thanks you very much for stepping in my blog. I am really happy that there are more and more ladies like you that are supportive with the idea that men can also wear comfortable, more aesthetical(a huge range of shapes and colors) and practical (easy to slip on and off and that match with everything)shoes even if there “designed” for women. Honestly who doesn’t love to wear barefoot footwear that are the same time shoes and slippers as ballet flats and “ladies” sandals are? I completely agree with you that gender-based shoes are silly.
      If you are looking for comfortable, cute flats on a budget of around $ 100:

      Vince Camuto Ellen flats: Comfortable flats for anytime , they don’t have lot of cushions but they are not bas and the insoles are made of leather so not really sweaty feet and they are made to last, they fit as expected in length and width. I have a pair and love to wear them at my office or for short errands. price around US $ 100

      Lucky Brand Emmie: This flats are very comfortable I have a pair and I wear them as everyday shoes. Made of leather, the insoles are really cushioned but they are made of synthetics so my feet tends to be sweaty after 8h on hot summer. But really comfy and affordable plain flats for about US $ 60 or $90

      Michael Kors Fulton flats: I love these flats because the insole are made of leather , though they require a breaking period of 2 or 3 evening at home before wear them outdoors. They are dressy so you can wear them in your job for a neat look, they are comfy after breaking period and look great with jeans for casual Fridays at the office or on weekends. Price is around US $ 105

      Sam Edelman Felicia: I find these flats cute and super comfy without breaking period needed. I have in almost all colors and they look wonderful with any outfit, the insole is really cushioned and the leather is super soft except for the patent leather. They have medium and wide width, I usually wear women shoe size 9.5 but for the SE Felicia I prefer size up half number to be more comfortable. They are great for short errands or not so long walking and great for office if you don’t walk a lot, otherwise if you plan to walk a lot with this ballerinas I suggest to place fabric insoles to add more cushion and enjoy al day walking. Price is around US $ 100

      Last suggestion but they are Mary Jeans, the Camper Nina Right Mary-jeans are super comfortable and wonderful for long walking. The run small so I recommend to size up one number and place some baby powder at the insoles cause they are made of fabrics and tend to absorb foot moisture in hot sunny days otherwise really good quality and super comfy MJs ! I have them in black and navy blue and I wear them when shopping or traveling ! price is around US $ 130
      All the prices are taken from Amazon but you can get them less expensive at eBay, or at Poshmark and Lyst if you live in the US.
      Hope you find a pair of beautiful and comfortable flats, and glad to see you again in my blog.

      Have a nice day



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