Fall outfits

Leaves are changing color what a wonderful spectacle on a fall day


(This wonderful picture was taken by blogger Susannah and you can find it at her blog: http://susannahsjourney.com/2014/10/15/mono-no-aware/)

As fall is here, today I decided to dress cassual with some colors that I like and I consider great for season  and at the same time being really comfortable:

Coach chelsea

A purple comfortable polo from Champs that matches great with a pair of Levis 511 jeans, and a pair of elegant and comfy flats from Coach ( model is Chelsea, they run quite a bit large I had to size half down to be comfortable), this flats have an internal heel that make the really great for long walkings or staying in your feet all day long.


I love the charming logo in the top of the toe area !!

Other outfit that I wore yesterday is this one:

TB minnie silver 1Sweater is from Italy, light and really warm with small paterns in purple perfect for fall, hard to find right now in stores, I bought it when living in Europe; Levis  jeans and to be really comfortable a pair of Tory Burch Minnie Travelsflats in gunmetal silver, this flats is like wearing bedroom slippers  great to relax your feet at the office or for short errands, not as durable as the famous (or infamous for some people) Revas but they look quite similar,I personally don’ t wear them for long walkings cause the soles are thin, so I mostly wear in my office or for days that I know I won’t walk a lot but I want to be in slippers or when travelling by plane, here are some pics of this beautiful flats, love the holographic efect of the  silver leather:

101_2735 101_2736

By the way I bought the Champs polo half price, the TB flats at only $ 70 at a consignation store and my jeans at one Levis outlet, so I can dress nice without spending tons of dollars.

Have a great day !!


6 thoughts on “Fall outfits

  1. Hi – I love your blog! What are some of your favorite flats for short chubby little feet? I was about to buy a pair of tieks when I saw your excellent review of them in a comment on another bloggers’ post.

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  2. Fall is such a great time of year. Cool evenings and (hopefully) warm days and great Fall colours. Perfect weather for sweaters. Love your Autumn outfits. Great score on the TB gunmetal Minnie flats, they’re so cute. Aren’t they comfy? We’re Tory twins. 😊


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    • Hi Bri, thanks for stepping by, of course fall is a great season for warm and cozy sweaters and why not when weather is quite warm during days, we can enjoy of a pair of comfy flats, and yes we are TB minnie travels Twins; they are so comfty and elegant that I wear almost everyday with thin socks or barefeet at home. I plan to purchase an other pair but in black. Have a nice fall day !!


      • Hi there my Tory twin, haha. My most recent pair were the black TB Minnie’s. I’m surprised Tory waited so long to release the black ones. Instead she released all the colourful and metallic colours first but at last the black ones are available. You won’t be disappointed. Black is a very wearable colour. Of course if you want a POP of colour you could go for these poppy red ones like mine. https://davisbe.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/dsc06197.jpg

        Hope you are having a great Fall day too.


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  3. Hi Bri, definetly I’m considering the red color for summer or the blue cause I love those beautiful colors and match them with my spring/summer outfits That’s why I love flats they have many colors to chose!! Have great Fall day !!


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