Some flats for rainy days

Hi everyone !!

Today is a rainy day so I have two pairs of Jelly flats that I consider very practical for days with light rain or drizzle and at the same time being comfortable

First one is my OKA B Taylor Jelly flats made in the US very comfortable to wear all day long and beautiful, the insoles have moulded arch support and some ergonomics shapes in the toe area and ball of the feet to massage your feet when walking; they cost me around $ 35 and you can find at amazon or at the OKA shoes web site. Colour is grape (violet) and I love how they look on my feet despite they show some toe cleavage


and this how I wear them in light rain:

OKA jellys

Other pairs of flats that I found super comfortable but not as beautiful or as my niece says “cute” are the Crocs Kaddie Flats, they have lots of cushion in the soles!  I got them at the Crocs store of my town for $ 35 great for walking all day long or even run with this flats, just one important note don’t let them expose to the sunlight because they shrink !! If you wear the and they are esposed to sun there’s no problem ( fortunately 🙂

I don’ t wear them in very hot days because your feet become very sweaty , but maybe baby powder can solve this problem 😉


and this is how I wear them to confront Ms Rain:

Crocs flts

for heavy rain I prefer my Kenneth Cole Rubber boots, they look classy  and they are comfortable and unisex ! This how I wear them :

rain boots

Have a nice dry day !!


4 thoughts on “Some flats for rainy days

    • That’s right Bri, rain can’ t stop me to wear cute comfy flats, the only exception is the snow in winter when I must wear boots outdoors but indoors I swap to my classy flats worn with nylons or even thin socks to keep warm my feet. Maybe next month I will publish my collection of Tory Burch flats and sandals. You will love them for sure !

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  1. Your Jelly flats are perfect for rainy days. I love my flats too, I have a pair of cute Croc flats that I wear when it rains in warm weather. I took them to Germany for my rain shoes.

    Have a great week!

    ❤ carmen

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    • Thanks Carmen for your kind word, I also love my Crocs flats they are super comfortable and practical for any occasion but specially in warm rain. For cold rain the OKA flats protects more my feet 😉 Have a good day !

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