How to start wearing ballet flats if you are guy

I know that steretopyes are always in the air, if a women wear combat boots it’s not a big deal but if a guy wear a pair of heels , women sandals or ballet flats things are completly different.

Some Young men recently asked me if ballet flats are comfortable to wear and they asked me after watching me wear them on public how they can wear without feeling strange. My answer was: Keep in mind that ballet flats are slippers so everybody can wear them and you dress to make happy yourself not others. It sounds selfish but if we don’t live our lives by ourselves nobody will do it. If you are a young men or a men interesting to wear flats and you are in couple talk with your wife, girlfriend ,partner , if they will support you to wear your flats first maybe at home and then on public or make deal where everybody will win. Communication and sharing our desires is also very important to not bother or hurt your beloved ones.

If you are single, the first feeling of wearing ballet flats on public is like the first time you jumped to the swimming pool, it takes courage and decision to do it but after that you will enjoy the whole experience.

In fact ballet flats were unisex shoes in the middle age until the XVIII century and then they came back in the 1800’s until the early 1920’s.

Look  King Francis II  from the 1500 century, he wore flats:


or in the Regency period (1800’s) men also wore a kind of flats:


It depends also were you live and ho you wear your flats, if you wear them as nothing happens and you are not nervous  then barely people will notice, but be prepared always for mixed reactions, good and not good.

I recommend some ballet flats that could look more unisex and they are really comfortable:

Puma Zandy flats

Very comfortable, good looking and affordable flats good for long walkings. average price $ 40

Vince Camuto Ellen

super comfortable, made of leather so no problem of blisters or sweaty feet, perfect to work on your feet 6 or 7 h , good for parties, or if you don’t plan to walk a lot.Average price $ 90 -100

Aerosoles Sol Music Flats

Not as cute as the other ones but super comfortable no blister at all they run large and the leather is thin and stretch out quickly so better to size down half size at least.Good for long walkings. Average price $ 45

This is how they look on my feet


Lacoste Marthe Ivy

One of the best flats that I had very comfortable slip ons they look great with anything ortholite fabrics never gets smelly and you can wear them for long walkings. Average price $ 68

And this how I love to wear them  as everyday shoes:


Camper nina right flats

And I love to wear in this way:

camper mj

Perfect ballet flat /Mary jane for long walkings and keep your feet very comfortable, really good quality leather, and the soles last long time.They run small so size up. Average price $ 110


Honestly this are the only official unisex flats in the market, if you still hesitate to wear openly a pair of comfy ballet flats this is a great option to start warm up your mind , they quite comforable , breathe well and look good many summer outfits.Average price $ 58

UPDATE: an other great pair of flats to star wearing them without being afraid the first times of wearing flats are this CONVERSE Chuck Taylor Dance flats, they are comfortable, easy to slip on , they look quite unisex and they are affordable $ 55 at Browns



I got a pair of this slip on and they are very comfortable I bought at a thrift store for $ 45 instead of $ 120 and they have great arch support and look great with any outfit good quality soles and a good option to start wearing flats without being afraid:


you can wear like this:

Top sider

I put a size chart conversion, in general add 1.5 or 2 sizes to your mens shoes size to get the equivalent in women sizes:

A good place to start buying your first flats is payless shoes, they carry flats up to size 13 in women sizes and they affordable (average $ 35), or Winners is a good place to find good brands of flats at reasonable prices.

Other advice for both men and women with larger feet are these online store such as eBay, Nordstrom and Amazon they usually carry commonly women shoe size 11 and Nordstrom sometimes up to size 13 in some good brands.

I hope this small article can help those guys wearing this kind of comfortable shoes, and remember life is short to not wear what make us happy.


21 thoughts on “How to start wearing ballet flats if you are guy

  1. Great post. It is funny how women can wear what they want without a second thought but when guys like us show our freestyle fashion by wearing flats it can often be a different story. Thankfully guys like you and me (and many other males) are ignoring what others think and wearing our flats cuz makes “us” happy and stylish.

    That’s great that you’ve had guys ask you about the comfort of flats and about wearing them. There are lots of males that like this trend but aren’t 100% confident showing it.

    I love the flats you’ve shown to get guys started. I have several pairs of Puma flats in many different Puma styles. They are very stylish, comfortable and will work for women or men. The Puma Rhythm flats are my favourite Puma flats style.

    With Fall fast approaching I expect there to be lots of days where ballet flats with be perfect for the Fall weather we get. I’m sure you and I will be sporting this trend.

    Thanks for sharing this post and your pictures.

    Your friend


  2. Thanks a lot for your comment Bri, I always appreciate your insights about this cute and comfy shoes,
    that everybody can wear , in fact in my ballet class nobody care if I wear flats outside the studio and women are really supportive excet a teen that has predjudices but if not people don’t care or pay attention to my footwear.

    I got a pair of Jelly flats from OKA the model is B Taylor and they are not only cut and comfty you can was them in the dishwasher and wear them again and they are great for days with light rain or drizzle. I also a fan of puma flats they are really comfortable and affordable I have apart from the zandy flats and other model called Carlie and they feel like you are wearing slippers.

    Definetly I will sporting this trend this fall as I will start wearing my new 3 pairs of Tory Burch flats ( one Minnie traveles in silver, one Chelsea flats and the other one is a beige carolines flats) cause the other day I was in a thrift store of a high end neighbourhood and I was really lucky finding 3 pairs of TB in my size 10 !! and the best they cost me less than 200 bucks !!

    Have a good week

    your friend



    • Hi Bri,

      Actually I have two pairs of these cute and super comfty flats, one in black and the other in navy. I wear them a lot specially when going to my ballet or yoga class as they are easy to slip off and l can keep easily in my back pack when I practice both activities. I am considering to get a pair in beige or red, the cute pink one is discontinued 😦 and the white color will be dirty fast so beige or red for the next summer ! You should get a pair of them just be advised that they run large, I usually wear women shoe size 10 and with this flatsies I had to size down half number.

      Have a nice day my friend !


  3. I’m glad that I found this site. I’ve gotten the confidence to wear ballet flats. I have 6 pairs. I like Tory Burch “Minnies”, but also like Payless “Corey”. I’m trying to find some low-cut ones , but so far have had no real success. Thanks for your advice.

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    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. If you like low cut flat, Pretty Ballerina, French Sole, J Crew and London Sole make ballet flats with low cut shape. You will need to try them at the store for the perfect fit. If you decide to get them online be aware that London sole runs small and in European sizes, I usually wear size US 10 in ballet flats and its equivalent in European size 40, but with London sole(by Jane Winkworth) I got size 42 to be comfortable. Pretty Ballerina also runs small and I need an European size 40.5. Hope it helps.
      Have a nice day

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  4. I am the other Brian who likes ballerina flats. Have liked them for years, but only recently started wearing them. If I am not wearing them, I wear open-back clogs. (Troentorp please take notice). I am pleased to see that I am not alone in terms of appreciating comfy footwear. Thanks for your advice.

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    • Hi Brian, this is the other Brian here! It’s nice that you stopped by Ivan’s blog and shared you passion for wearing ballet flats. Flats are certainly comfy but also stylish and cute. It’s always great to hear from other males that are adopting cute feminine ballet flats for themselves.


  5. Although I’ve owned ballet flats since the late 1970s, only recently have I started wearing them in public. It’s comfortable and fun. I’m a straight married male and my wife is fine with it. I have a pair of Payless “Carla” flats in black, and a pair of Crocs “Alice Work” mary janes in black. Both are great for walking or standing, and they’re easy to drive in as well. The Crocs are waterproof and fine for inclement weather or to the pool. If I want to be more comfortable, wearing sheer knee highs or trouser socks is the way to go, as my feet perspire freely. If I want to be less conspicuous, wearing black sheer knee highs or trouser socks takes me off the radar screen. Nobody has ever made a comment to me about my footwear. I often wear non-feminine styles of heels, too, such as clogs, loafer pumps, and heeled sandals. Wearing women’s shoes takes guts, but some women see that as confident and confidence is sexy. So I am always comfortable around women and I tend to ignore men. They’re usually too insecure to have an intelligent conversation with.

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    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I really like your comment, as a flats wearer I understand clearly to wear them on public takes courage but I found in my experience that a good percentage of women find cute and nice that a man wear something considered out of the “society norms”, as you said confidence is perceived as sexy, and for me honestly wearing flats is like me good friend Jenna says” like wearing slippers” so everyone can wear flats. Thanks for your comment and keep enjoy the footwear that makes you happy 😀


  6. Today was my first day of wearing ballet flats out in public and it was scary but I remained calm on the outside and looked confident and I only had two people look but just out of curiosity which has to be a good thing so now the hard bit is over I feel more confident wearing them plus I love mine as they are a leopard print style since I love animals.

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    • Hi Frazer,
      Thanks for visiting my blog ! I am glad that you started to wear your flats in public. It takes courage the firts times but after that I could tell you that 80 or 90% of the people doesn’t care or are checking their cell phones most of the time. I bet your leoparrd print flats look amazing on you.

      Have a nice day !



  7. Loved your post and as a 43 year old man who wears ballet flats everywhere I was even wearing wedding flats when I got married my wife and family don’t mind me wearing flats I won’t even go out unless i wear flats

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    • Hi Barry,

      Thanks for stepping out at my blog! It’s wonderful that your wife and family support you and don’t mind that you are wearing comfty flats. I think comfort and versatility is unisex so everyone can enjoy ballet flats and any kind of footwear that make you happy !

      Have a good day !



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