Summer outfits !

TB revas french sole Frye carson black Frye carson camel lacoste flats sam edelman blue se navy se red TB eddies

Here are some outfits that I love to wear when wearing my flats in this late summer. I bought most of my clothes and flats in the stores when is the end of the season so I save some bucks but still get good quality products, that I know I will love to wear, look great, and overall I feel happy and comfortable. Some flats are brand Sam Edelman modle Felicia red flats  and navy blue), Lacoste, Frye Carson (the black and camel color flats)and my TB Revas and Eddies (these two flats I got them used in a thrift store of one high end neighbourhood so it’s a good idea that my friend Jenna gave to save money and get wonderful shoess!!) and last one the color turquoise is brand French sole and they were a gift from one of my friends from England.My clothes are most of them bought at the outlets from Levis, Gap, American Outfitter and H&M.

Have a great summer !!


3 thoughts on “Summer outfits !

  1. Looking great Ivan. Glad to hear you were able to get some new discounted flats and still be able to wear them this Summer. I think most of Canada has had a warm Summer so short or capri with flats has been a popular look. Sadly there’s a feeling of Fall in the air but until the snow flies I’ll be wearing my flats with jeans or dress pants.

    How are your Reva fitting these days? Like most women or men that own Revas they do require some breaking in before they become super comfy.


  2. Hi Bri,

    My revas feel more comfortable now but I took 2 persons my cousin and I , to break them in. But they look wonderful and elegant with any outfit. Have a great summer !!


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