Summer outfits !

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One thought on “Summer outfits !

  1. Great post. It is funny how women can wear what they want without a second thought but when guys like us show our freestyle fashion by wearing flats it can often be a different story. Thankfully guys like you and me (and many other males) are ignoring what others think and wearing our flats cuz makes “us” happy and stylish.

    That’s great that you’ve had guys ask you about the comfort of flats and about wearing them. There are lots of males that like this trend but aren’t 100% confident showing it.

    I love the flats you’ve shown to get guys started. I have several pairs of Puma flats in many different Puma styles. They are very stylish, comfortable and will work for women or men. The Puma Rhythm flats are my favourite Puma flats style.

    With Fall fast approaching I expect there to be lots of days where ballet flats with be perfect for the Fall weather we get. I’m sure you and I will be sporting this trend.

    Thanks for sharing this post and your pictures.

    Your friend


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