Some reasons that I find ballet flats are wonderful

SE black flats SE brown flats se camel Flats are unisex shoes
ivanlovesflats 11:02am, 23 February 2013
Inspired by my good frien Brian, and also a fan of ballet flats I decided to start my own blog.

Here I will do some reviews of the brands that have become my favorites in terms of look, comfort, quality and price. After wearing flats for a while I found the many advantages in this kind of shoes and some of the reasons that I wear them. These advantages are:

1.-Very comfortable shoes (you have the excuse to wear slippers all day long, it takes time to find brands and styles that fit your feet comfortably),

2.-Not expensive: you can buy 2 pairs of flats at Payless Shoes ($70) vs. 1 pair of men sneakers ($120) or 2 pairs of GAP flats ($ 100 uppers made in true leather) vs. 1 pair of dressy men shoes ($150 true leather) at ALDO,

3.-practical-easy to wear (no laces to tie, great shoe when you are in rush, just slip on and go to your job or school and if yor feet gets warm you can slip them off to let breathe your feet easily),

4.-keeps feet more fresh that closed men shoes(avoiding sweaty and smelly feet and reducing costs for not using socks anymore),

5.-you don´t need a lot of space to place your flats in your closet,

6.-you can share flats with your wife or girlfriend saving lots of money in footwear if you both wear equivalent shoe size (an estimated of a $100-$150/year)

7.- You can match neutral colors (black, brown, beige, white, camel, navy and light blue) flats with almost any men´s outfit,

8.- If some of your other shoes gets ruined by the rain a pair of foldable flats in your backpack can save you to walk barefeet or with very wet shoes (I have an experience like that when travelling)

9.- When wearing flats, you have tons of shapes, styles and colors to choose

10.- For good or not you can strike up a chat with woman, showing that you are confident to wear what you like.

11.- Breaking gender barriers = more equity for both men and women

12.- I have less issues and problems in my feet wearing flats barefeet than closed men shoes such as tendinitis
13.- I practice many activties and hobbies where I need to take off my shoes easily so flats are a practical solution
 14.- You can pack more flats when travelling in your baggage than men shoes ( 2 or 3 pair of flats for each men shoes)
Finally I read that flats wear unisex shoes some time ago, so why not make them come back
Here you can see some pictures how I wear my flats as my everyday shoes
What do you think ?

10 thoughts on “Some reasons that I find ballet flats are wonderful

  1. Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad to hear I’ve inspired you to share your passion thru your blog. Great pictures Ivan. You are a real inspiration to me and many other men and women with an interest in these cute feminine shoes.

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  2. Thanks Brian for your kind comment. The more I wear my flats the more I love them and to be honest a sales lady where I was trying some bow flats told me that I twas the first time that she saw a guy wearing flats but the she found me very cute wearing them and she hoped more men would wear flats, and the other day even a salesman asked me if flats are really comfortable cause he would like some day try them..I told him that flats are shoes that feel like slippers so everyone can wear them. In fact nobody cares what I am wearing as shoes some people smile, some people open big eyes, and others give me compliments so no big deal I wear what I like and I feel comfortable 😉


  3. I’m glad you’re confident and wear what YOU like. When you’re a leader, you’ll see that soon others will follow. Not everyone is brave enough to be the first. I like the look of your ballet flats. They look great with long pants, shorts, and the in-between “deck pants” length.

    I read that high heels were first worn by men in the 17th century and now women have taken over the style. Now men can take back ballet flats. Besides, there are many male ballet dancers who wear such shoes. They are perfect for everybody–as your list of reasons proves!

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    • Hi Jean,

      Thank you very much for your kind and encouranging words. Yes , it takes courage to wear a pair of flats in public, many people open or rolling eyes, others start giggling, or a small laugh, but in the other side I received compliments from sales ladies that find that I look cute on flats and one of them, she wished that more men start wearing flats, or even some coworkers that wear same shoe size as I wear like to swap flats with me at lunch time or during a long boring meeting under the table, or we share reviews about this or that brand, and we go shopping together.Those nice people made me forget the bad sights or comments that few people (fortunately) made of my fashion.

      Most women are friendly and supportive and and had nice chat with them and mostly they don’ t judge me and I have fun. I keep in miind that getting a girlfriend who we appreciates my style would be hard to find but I believe that if you feel happy as you are that energy will make people like you as you are. I really appreciate your comment and it made my day. Thanks and have a good day


    • Hi Bridget,
      Thank you very much for stepping by in my blog and for your kind comments; yes I continue wearing my flats, the more I wear them the more I like them, Hugss!


  4. Ivanev help!! i keep buying ballet flats im 5’11” 200 lb woman i have wide feet i have only found one pair of ballet flats that didnt hurt my feet from lane bryant but sadly i wore them completely out the bottoms fell off LOL do you have any tips on which would be best i have read through all the shoes you have on here but im still lost i also have been looking at tieks but im not wanting to spend that much without trying them on first

    fat foot girl in need of help!!


    • Hii Wilene,

      Lane Bryant has good options if you have wide feet, other store that is not expensive is Payless shoes they have really cute flats in regular and wide width in almost all their flats and sizes ranges from 5 to 13, so you have a lot of options (prices from $19 to $ 40).

      If you want to spend more Tory Burch Minnie travels flats ( $225) are great for wide feet, I have 2 pairs and I love how soft and comfortable they are for my feet ( as reference my feet measures 10″ long by 3½” width and I wear women US shoe size 9.5 or 10 depending the brand) ; has also flats in wide width and up to size 13 and not really expensive ( average price $ 35);Aerosoles Sol music flats are very comfy they run quite large you can find them up to size 10 at, I have a pair and it’s like wearing slippers;Blowfish Malibu Gicho flats are quite comfty and they mold to your feet as they are made of fabrics I have one pair and they feel great in size 10 (price $ 39);

      Sam Edelman Felicia I own 10 pairs of these cute and very comfy flats they have also wide width and up to size 13 at Nordstrom (price $106) they are very soft and I never had any blister when wearing them. They have some cushion at the insole and the leather molds to your feet. I love them for spring and summer.Here is the link:

      Finally Soft star shoes have an adult unisex ballerine that has size up to 13 and with wide width option, and they can even costumize your flats specially adapted for your foot shape. They make their flats in soft leather in the US. Here is their link:

      I hope you will find a pair of cute flats that fit your feet comfortably
      Have a nice day !


  5. Ivan. I like your blog and as a flats wearer myself I am with you on your reasons for wearing flats. Like Bridget I like no. 11 as well as 9 and 14. I like colors and being able to match up what I wear as well as the comfort. Like your collection of Sam Edlrman flats. I had a nice chat with a lady after church on Sunday about each others flats. She mentioned that I was probably a trend setter. I like that. Hope more guys start wearing flats.


    • Hi Rob,
      Thanks for stepping on my blog ! Definitely if more guys wear their flats on public, I am pretty sure that some fashion brands will start to design flats for men, one case is Repetto that started to sell a ballerina designed for men in France in 2015 or Manoletinos in Spain in 2014. Most ladies are supportive and like the idea that men wear comfortable and beautiful flats I even swapped flats with one sales associate for 2 days in order to decide if I like the comfort of the flats that her boutique was selling. Have a nice day !


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