Vionic willow flats review

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I hope you are fine ! I haven’t written in a while cause I had a busy Summer and Fall seasons, but missing all my nice readers during this time. Hope you had a wonderful summer too. Today I will do a review about a brand that some podiatrist recommend: Vionic.

This brand specializes in shoes with orthopedic inserts for people that have some feet issues. In my case I wanted to try their flats because I have flat feet and need it a ballerina with arch support to alternate with my other ballet flats, to prevent the risk of having stress fractures or arch pain as one of my  work’s colleague had her arch muscles swollen for wearing all the time ballet flats with thin insoles.

I chose the style Willow from Vionic, cause I found them cute (color is like greyish and brown and studded) and a good price(CAD $ 69).


I must say that they run large cause I usually wear ladies shoe size 10 and in this flats I had to size down to 9.5 to be comfortable. The toe box is rounded so my toes have some room. They have a removable orthopedic insole with support in the heel area and a good flexible arch support as you can in the picture (the removable insole is somehow flexible at the ball of the feet and more rigid at the arche an heel area but not hard as some other customized orthotics) :


If you want to wear the flats without the insole the shoes will slip off from your feet (they feel half size larger without the insole). So I recommend to keep it. They took me some days (I wore them with socks to break them in and avoid blisters) to adapt my self to this flats due the arch support but after that they are comfty.

Here you have a pic of this flats and the removable insole:


I can walk now for 6 or 8 h a day without problem but I suggest to break them in before for at least 5 day at home cause the uppers are a little bit stiff.They offer good arch support and my feet is no sore or really tired.

The insoles didn’t make my feet sweaty or smelly, they let breath well your feet, they are made of a kind of velvet material; but I don’t recommend to wear them 2 or 3 day on a row cause as with any shoe they could start to smell. They have a heel height of 5 mm or 1/4 ” and the soles are made on rubber but they lack of enough grip for wet floors.

If you have some foot problems such as plantar fasciitis you could ask your doctor or podiatrist if you can wear this brand of shoes, they also offer sandals, flip flops and closed shoes for any occasion and specific feet problem.

Most of their shoes look nice while dressing up or just for casual outfits. This is how this flats look on my feet:


I recommend to try them on at the store because maybe the arch support could be annoying for some of us at the beginning and also to avoid sizing issues. In general is a good quality ballet flat that seems to last (the uppers and the soles are solid enough and well constructed) and provide a good arch and heel support for long walking and relieve feet problems. They are comfortable after a week of break in. If you have flat feet I would say to give it at try as an option to alternate with other flats or your pumps.

Some outfits while wearing them:IMG_20171109_094326and other outfit


Hope this quick review would be helpful for you and have a nice day !!


Tieks collection update

Hi everybody,


Hope you are fine, I’ve been really busy this time but I want to do a quick update about my Tieks collection, I got them mostly pre loved at a very nice and welcoming Facebook group where now I belong too.

As these Tieks are pre owned they are ready stretch out so I reduce the time of break in. I got some colorful and nice colors such as red, lilac, ballerina pink, chestnut, starstruck and black matte. I saved more less 40 or 50 % of the original cost cause living in Canada the shipping and custom taxes increase the price greatly.

And here you have some pics of my collection:

Ballerina pink


Cardinal Red


Black matte








and starstruck


Along my TB Minnies travel flats, Campers, Sam Edelman’s Felicia, Tieks are also one of my favorite brand of flats. Comfort and look together

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Friday’s casual outfit for indoors

Hi everybody,

I hope you are fine. We still have a roll & coaster winter, so I decided to wear indoors this outfit that one lady that I meet at one Tieks BST Facebook group. She really has a good sense of fashion, good taste and know how to balance clothes when wearing flats, after a nice chat and using her ideas and suggestions, I did my best to match a nice long sleeve shirt from Tommy Hilfinger , a capri from Old Navy and my Tieks navy flats, and this is the result that I wore today indoors (of course 😉


Personally I love this combination is dressy but relax and comfty at the same time, I got many compliments at my job and my girl friends loved the outfit. I  also posted at the Tieks FB group and for my surprise many ladies liked it and said that is cool that I have my own fashion and that shoes don’t have gender. What do you think about this outfit?

I will post soon other outfits and reviews of other brands of  flats and winter boots that I am trying and testing right now.

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Today’s outfit: a comfty one

Hi everybody,

Hope you are fine just a quick picture of my today’s outfit to be really comfortable at home along my girl friends and friends very casual, honestly I was lazy today to pair my clothes, so after taking shower I put on a polo , a fleece, warm leggings and my new Camper Nina right flats without strap (same comfort and price but easier to slip on , really I love this brand 🙂 but it’s really cozy and comfy:


and these are the close-ups of my Camper flats:



Honestly I recommend them to everybody who wants to be super comfortable all day long they offer great support and the cushioned insoles and the soft leather feel like you are wearing slippers but with a very sturdy outsole that you can stand and walk for hours, and without the strap they are super easy to slip on and off.

I will post a review soon of my new pair of Naturalizer flats so stay tuned

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Some other shoes and look that I should try

Hi everybody,


I hope all my readers had wonderful holydays along your beloved ones. Lately my best girl friend Jenna lent me her riding boots and I found them really comfortable but until know I hesitate to purchase a pair for me because I prefer flats, mules and sandals because despite they are ladies shoes, they are more discreet when wearing them. I dared to wear Jenna’s boots for one week, some people smiled, other opened eyes wide and others , the majority, fortunately, didn’t care. I tried to find an outfit for this boots and the best that I had were a jacket, khakis pants and a nice shirt, this is the outfit:



The brand of the boots is Frye and the style Melissa, you can get them for example at amazon:

The boots are really comfortable and good quality,they seem very durable and sturdy, the leather is really soft.

What do you think about this look on me ? and the same clothes but with my comfty MK Fulton flats:


Also my friend Sandy, suggested to me to wear leggings (not meggins haha) along my flats , well it was a risky move and fortunately I work in a company that has a very open minded dress code policy (just wear dressy, comfortable clothes and footwear and  you are fine) so I wore them 3 times on a week, Melanie and Jenna chose the leggings and pants for me and this are the pics:

These are ladies pants (the front is made of synthetic and look like leather, the back is polyester and spandex I guess) that they found nice on me while wearing them with flats (Vince Camuto Ria ballerinas, I will do a review of these cute comfty flats soon) and a purple shirt (from le Chateau)


and this are the warm cozy leggings that personally I found comfortable and much warmer than any of my men pants:


and these last out fit red and black that I wore today:


And for now these are the outfits that my girl friends suggested me to try, personally I liked the experience cause I went out of my confort zone, and I found these outfit really comfortable and practical, maybe in some years they will be a unisex clothes.

Well as my friend and blogger Carmen said:”Fashion is fun” so my friends and I , we try new things in fashion. What do you think?

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Sabrinas London flats: My review

Good morning everyday!!

I would like to introduce this brand of super comfortable flats made in Spain. After reading the review of a really wonderful blogger and fashion consultant, Bridgette Raes:


My good friend Brian, also did a wonderful review of this ballerinas flats  at his blog:

I said to myself if two ballet flats wearers with experience in many good brands recommend them, why not to try them, so, I decided to buy them but in leather not in suede to see if there was a huge difference in comfort and look. It wasn’t easy to get them as they are not sold in Canada. I got them at eBay for a good price  but you can get them at:’s%20London

they offer a great variety of colors. Or if not please refer to the extensive list that Bridgette wrote down at her review to find a retailer close your home in the U.S.

These ballerinas flats offer really good support because they have a 3/4″ heel made on solid rubber and a cushioned insole, the uppers and lining are made of good quality leather and they allow my feet to breath well, no sweaty or smelly feet after wearing them for 8 hours at my job, that’s a big bonus!


They only needed 1 day of breaking and I could say that they are comfty right out of the box. I bought one pair in metallic blue and the other one in snake pattern color black and bronze that match wonderful with any outfit. In both flats the left shoe pinched a little bit my big toe but after wearing them 3 or 4 days, the leather stretchs out and they fit better.

The price is around US $ 159 but you are getting a very durable and comfortable pair of  flats that will last and that despite they have enough support, they don’t look bulky. This is one of the things that I love of this flats they make your feet look slim and cute no toe cleavage and they hold your feet without hurting them. They have a kind of elastic to keep your feet on the shoes. Maybe at the beginning this elastic will rub the area where your big toe’s bone starts but after wearing them with socks 2 days at home they will feel better.

They are sturdy and I pretty sure they will last more that other brands that I have. I can compare the comfort with my Camper Nina Right or Sam Edelman’s Felicia ballerinas

I can walk all day long with them and they are perfect for long walking or for shopping. This flats in my opinion fits better for narrow to average feet.

Sizing: Be aware that they are made in Spain and that they run small, if you wear a ladies shoe size US 9 you should get a European size 40  to be comfortable. I wear ladies size US 10 and I got both pairs in size EU 41.

Really a good investment to slip on comfortably every day and here are some pics of my Sabrinas flats in metallic blue:




and the black and bronze flats:


with skinny jeans:


and with khaki pants


I hope this review will be helpful and you can get a pair of them , I am pretty sure you will love them. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of health, love , peace and why not flats 🙂



Picture credit:


Tieks: a different review

Hii everybody,

This review about Tieks flats  is a little bit different from other post for some reasons:

1) I am young man that wear flats as his everyday shoes. Well, it is not a secret that for me ballet flats has become my favorite kind of shoes for many reasons mainly because I love colorful shoes, second,  l hate to wear close shoes with socks unless  it’s winter and I don’t have choice, I love the comfort that my flats provide to my feet, I have flat feet and I must do feet exercises to reinforce my arches (Honestly  with my former men shoes it was bothering to unlace, take them off, and remove socks three times a day ) and finally I do a lot of activities that require to slip off my  shoes often. So flats, sandals and mules have become a nice comfortable option.

2) My first experience with this brand wasn’t as expected. My first experience with this famous brand wasn’t as I expected because my first pair a cute black matte flats, had the elastic too tight that they tended to close like a clam that gave me pain in the top of my foot and I am pretty sure I didn’t break them in for more time before wearing outdoors. That was a huge mistake because I couldn’t return them to Tieks, but as some of my girl friends wear same ladies shoe size than I , I sold them to one of them and for her they worked better, so I could recover a good part of my money.

3) I loved the colorful range of this brand of ballerinas, and I wanted to give them a second chance. As a ballerina flats wearer I was still curious why this cute flats didn’t work the first time, so  I bought two  pre-owned pairs of Tieks to test them before decide to invest in this expensive brand again. I wore them constantly for about seven months as they were broken in I didn’t have problem with them, no blisters no smelly feet just a pair of beautiful flats that feel like slippers. The colors are cobalt blue and gold. This could be a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money  and then you can test them and know if you like them and overall if you find them comfortable.

These are the pics of my pre-owned Tieks:



After getting positive results in terms of fit and comfort, then I saved the money from my birthday’s gifts along with a gift card from my cousin, so I bought a new pair of Tieks in navy blue, I prefer neutral colors at first when trying a new brand of shoes and then if I like how they look on my feet and if I find the comfortable to wear for long period of time (6-7 h/day).

Let’s start my review:

First impression, I loved how nicely the packaging of this shoes is


I found the bag for the heels and the small pouch practical to keep your shoes protected and also your good in your hand bag. Really I like they box and the handwritten letter to me despite being maybe their only or among their few male customers, it’s a really nice detail that counts a lot as a client.

After opening white box, I discovered the beautiful turquoise box, and after reading the nice hand written letter to me , I opened the blue box to pick my new Tieks:

This is how they look on my feet:


I really like how this cute flats make my feet looks slender and in my case my feet and Tieks doesn’t look like some ladies said “Alien feet”, haha I am lucky to have small average feet for a guy.

Comfort factor:

This is the point that divide many ladies and guys that wear flats. After reading many wonderful and helpful reviews from ladies that had tried this brand I could said that 50 % find them comfortable right out the box and the other 50%  find that this flats need a break in period and from this percentage some of them send their Tieks back because they didn’t find them comfortable or they hurt too bad. And I don’t blame them, I also had some pain on my feet the first days when I wore them.

The main issues for me were: in the left shoe the flats pinched my big toe and in the right shoe the elastic where the bone of my big toe starts hurt bad and left a red mark in that part of my feet, you can see how my feet was the first days of trying this cute flats:



Despite the red marks I never got blisters when breaking in this flats and something that I love of this flats is the cushioned heel cup that doesn’t dig into my heel, like my Lucky brand flats or Hush Puppies  Chelsea flats.

If you need extra cushion in the ball of your feet, I found this video from Jessica Petite Style Script,  and her great blog:

that offers a solution for this issue:

Something important to tell you is that Tieks doesn’t have arch support (I think most ballet flats don’t have it except for few brands) and in my case I have flat feet so  I add a arch support that help me to make more comfortable my Tieks.


The inner support that Tieks has in my case is fine for my feet. If you have worn Puma Ferrari Drift Cat III sneakers, Tieks insoles feels like this casual sneaker. But as a customer I would like that my Tieks would have more cushion in the heel area or add a kind of hide heel and arch support for more comfort.

Conclusion: For comfort this flats are fine for me when when I will walk  or standing for 5 or 6 hours on my feet.

In my opinion they need extra cushion in the heel and ball of the feet areas and  arch support. But if you have average arches you will find them comfty. High arches will have also some issues with this brand.

Ladies and gentlemen , with this flats you will develop at the beginning a hate-love relationship, but the more you wear them the more comfortable they’ll become. It’s a question of patience and persistence  but after that period of time you will find them more comfy.

Breaking in period:

In my case I found that this flats need a long period of break in, personally it took me almost a month to wear them in many different ways to make them more comfortable so I wrote a post HOW TO BREAK IN YOUR TIEKS where I describe what I did to break them in reducing the pain and bothering zones of this flats.

 After wearing alternately for a month I could said that they feel now more like my ballet slippers but with a sneaker sole, so I tested them when going to the grocery store carrying some heavy bags and I feel comfortable when walking with them. Of course I only wear them twice or three time a week at max because my feet need flats with more heel or cushion in the heel and ball of the feet areas.


Again a subject of discussion, sizing, because this brand doesn’t offer half sizes, and you cannot try them on at any shoe store. Risky decision for many of us. Tieks recommends:

  • Wear a full size?

That’s your Tieks size! If you wear a 7, get a 7 in Tieks.

  • Attention half sizes!

Many women who wear half sizes can comfortably size up or down. We typically suggest going down unless you have a wide foot or sometimes size up.


In my experience I usually wear women shoe size US 9.5 or 10 depending the brand. As a gold rule that my Mom always told me: your shoes should have a gap about the size of your own thumb between  your big toe  and the end of the tip of the shoe in order to be comfortable, avoid ingrown nails, bunions, stress fractures and also in summer our feet tend to get swollen so they’ll increase their size. Therefore I chose size 10. Personally with flats with elastics I prefer to let that distance in my shoes to get some room to avoid the reasons cited above, and this is the gap that I have in my Tieks:



Even with this gap my Tieks don’t slip off  when walking fast as the elastic hold my feet well. They show some toe cleavage but it doesn’t bother me at all. As reference my feet measures 10 1/8″ long by 3 1/2″ width and my Tieks soles measures 10 3/4″ length and 3 5/8″ at its widest part, so you can get an idea of the sizing of this shoes.

Unless your feet is really narrow and tiny, size down, if not personally I recommend to size up to avoid painful issues if you are between sizes.


Well in my opinion I could say that this flats are well made and have good quality leather, so after trying the cobalt blue and the gold flats (I’ve been wearing this color 3 times a week after my job for going to evening courses) no stop for 7 or 8 months and my navy ones for 6 months twice a week and as the former owner of my cobalt and gold Tieks, Jen, told me that:

“I wore the cobalt Tieks less regularly, maybe once every three weeks or so for two years.

The gold Tieks I had for a year and a half and wore 2 times a week, except for
During the winters.”

If you make the addition of time, the cobalt blue flats are almost 3 years and they still look in good condition and the gold flats despite all the scuffs are 2 years but with a very constant wear from Jen and by me.

You can see some scuffs in the heels of my pre-owned flats:

in my experience this flats are made to last and the 3 pairs, that I currently have, have held up really well. Metallic colors tend to scuff easily and show wear faster but the soles and structure of my 3 pairs are still in good condition, as shown in the pictures:


Verdict: this brand of flats are durable and well made, but keep in mind that are handmade and in some pairs manufacturing flaws could occur in those cases, don’t hesitate to contact the Tieks customer service.

Breathability (or in other words: does this flats get smelly quickly?)

I wear all my flats barefoot, with Tieks my feet get sweaty in summer cause  they don’t allow your feet to breath very well so the insoles of my three pair have dark foot marks but for my surprise they are not smelly, just the insoles of the gold ones have a very light odor but only when I stuck my nose on them, I slipped off these flats to take my yoga or dance courses and nobody has complained (yet lol) or I notice a strong bad odor from them.


If you are concerned or if you notice that your Tieks are a little bit sweaty and smelly I found these  tips, from a nice blogger Jessica, very helpful and practical, you can check her video here:

or this other tip from another nice blogger, Katie, to eliminate odors and friction in your Tieks:

Here is the link:

By the way I always wear my flats barefoot and Tieks are not the exception, and all people’s feet sweat but the Tieks’ insoles are made of good Italian leather so they don’t get smelly easily as shoes that  have manmade insoles.


I will be honest this flats are really expensive, the classics are US $175, but taking in count that they are handmade and the quality of the materials is far superior than other many brands that I tried before, I think  these facts could justify in part their price. Maybe just my Tory Burch minnie travel flats and my Frye Carson flats have the same quality of leather and in consequence have similar range of price. These flats are obviously an investment, and I believe that a comfortable pair of shoes is always worth the money … divide that cost by the number of days & hours that you wear them and the cost is pennies per day.

If you want to test this brand without purchasing them full price there are always pre-owned Tieks at eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, and Lyst a good price.

I also wrote a post about “Flats that have similar look and comfort as Tieks but more affordable where I describe other brands that I have in my shoe collection that are really comfortable but more affordable with a respectable quality and also beautiful.

Where I can buy a pair of Tieks?

They are just sell online at their site:

Do Tieks squeak while walking?

Yes, they squeak ,  but just at the beginning and I think is only in the inner shoe because my feet rubs against the insole. After  2 weeks the sounds disappeared.

Which colors would you suggest to purchase?

I suggest to start with the classics and neutral colors such as chestnut, camel, ballerina pink, navy or black. Then you can move to other colors and textures. Personally, I try to avoid the metallic colors cause they scuff easily, the leopard or animal print because the leather is not as soft as the classic ones and  the patent ones because as I read in other blog they are harder to break in. But It’s only my opinion. I never tried the vegans so I can’t give you an answer how they feel.

How you keep your Tieks?

I keep them open to air them well after wearing again.

How many hours do you wear your Tieks per day?

I can wear them between 5 to 6 hours /day.

Do you wear often your Tieks?

I can wear them 2 or 3 days per week at maximum, and if I wouldn’t  walk miles or standing on my feet more than 5 hours, because as I have flat feet I need other flats or sandals (Birkenstock in my case)  with more support in the heel area.

Do you recommend this flats for people with plantar fasciitis?

Definitely No. Please if you have some problems with your feet consult your podiatrist before purchasing any kind and brand of ballet flats. Save your feet and money for more complex health issues.

Tieks refund policy:

If you live in the U.S, trying this good quality brand is not a risky business, so  if you find that you feet is in a lot of pain after one week of wearing them even with socks don’t hesitate to ask for the upper size to compare both pairs on your feet, in the worst of the cases if neither of the two shoes are enough comfortable or don’t meet your expectations you can return them and get a refund,  ALWAYS REMEMBER that you should wear your Tieks at home in case you want to send them back.

But if you worn them outdoors and you don’t find them comfortable or you have a lot of pain while wear them or just you don’t like the color or how they look in your feet, you can sell them at eBay, List, Etsy, Tradesy and you will recover a good amount of your investment because this brand is always in high demand.

If you live outside U.S., like me, the shipping fee and custom taxes are high(almost CAD $40 using FedEx), and also if you need to sent your Tieks back it will cost you at least CAD $ 22. In this case as I said before if you are in between size , size up to avoid return expenses.  I tried to provide the most information I could describe based in my own experience along tips from other blogger about this brand to help you to take a better decision when considering to get and try a pair.

Do you recommend Tieks?

Yes, I recommend them for the quality, durability and beauty of the shoes BUT keep in mind that in some cases, they will need a good break in period of time to become more comfortable. I  also recommend them only if you have the budget to purchase a pair or if you are committed to wear them very often to see the return of your investment.

If you live outside the U.S. I suggest to try a pre-owned pair or if one of your friends have a worn pair maybe you can ask her to try her Tieks if you both wear same shoe size, before making the big investment.

After trying at least 50 brands of flats I conclude that there aren’t perfect shoes, and that comfort depends of every person’s feet.

Improvements that I suggested to Tieks:

  • Add more cushion in the heel area and ball of the feet
  • Place a less tight elastic in the shoes, especially in the toe area
  • Add an arch support
  • Make half sizes

Disclaimer: I am not associate or sponsored by Tieks or with any other company or blogger, I paid full price for all my Tieks and it’s only my solely opinion about this brand.

I hope my review will help you to make a better decision while thinking to purchase or not this brand of flats. I will do an update of my navy Tieks in the next few month to see how they resist the everyday wear. I here are some pics of me wearing my Tieks:

I want to thanks specially to the nice bloggers: Jessica, Susan, Ame, Philia, Susan, Jenna, Ruth, Brianna and Emily that send me their tricks and kind responses to my questions about this brand

If you have Tieks let me know what you think about them

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day !!